Rheindahlen in the 80s

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by notnowbernard, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. I dug out some old R and Ls and have come over all nostalgic. They've reminded me of some old names that I'd completely forgotten (just the names, not the people) so stand by for some "anyone know F*** S**** posts in a bit but to go on with, how about Rheindahlen.................

    I had a good posting at Sy Ed and Trg - lecturing on personal security, travelling round the country with my overhead viewfoils. My capt there was I** A***** who was RSM just prior to being commissioned. He was, thankfully, in remission from cancer and a very decent chap. I think he was quite close to retirement but does anyone know anything about him.

    My WO was I** Mc****** - a big chap with a shock of brown hair who regaled me with stories of how he did a sting with the Sunltan of Brunai as a bodyguard or something in his younger days. Again, a lovely man who ended up in the MOD in the late 80's and just prior to his retirement. Anyone know him?

    My crap posting was in a broom cupboard in HQ BAOR. I had to sit in this tiny office opposite a big old buffoon of a Major and look at slides of tanks and put them in order.............. I think they just wanted me to be his companion and make sure he didn't keel over one day. Absolutely loathed that job but the one and only good thing about it was the annual trip to Bertchesgarden and Hitlers Eagles Nest (then a restaurant), where previous mention Majoy organised some sort of conference. Still have no idea what that was all about but Bavaria was lovely.

    I also remember the Dutch club on the complex and then just a little off the area in the woods somewhere was this wonderful little restaurant that did crispy chicken - known as the Chicken in the Woods place but can't remember it's proper names.

    I had a quarter at Wickrath in those godawful flats that looked like something from the Eastern Block. OOOOh I could ramble on for ages..... :yawn:
  2. Please excuse spellings and typo errors in orginal post. Too early for medication to have kicked in yet.

    and why do I keep getting the advert for Dr Thoms treatment for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment above my posts?..............
  3. I** M****** sort of retired, was OC London Sy Sect early 90's, and been doing all sorts since, bumped into him at Chicksands 1999 ish and a few Telics back!
  4. Offhand - I've sent you a pm about Mr M.
  5. I was there when the IRA bombed a Sgts (possibly officers) mess. Can't remember the year. Must've been around 1982-4?

    There used to be a little PX, where I 1st tried Big Red chewing gum. The yanks used to go onto the sports pitch with BBQs and bins full of beer and ice, for Independence day.
  6. I enjoyed this film very much. "Gotta get me one of those."
  7. The PX is still there, though frequented by far more Brits than Septics.
  8. Is it still a little Portacabin?
  9. Chicken in the woods - proper name Im Fuchsbau. Still going strong.
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  10. Spent a few weeks there in 86 & 87 when training on Ambulance trains at 79 Rwy Sqn, in barracks opposite a little bar/bowling alley? Can't remember name of it.
  11. No, it's bigger than that. The size of a large Spar shop, but nowhere near the size of most PXs. There is a little stand outside it that does Chilli Dogs and Pizza slices American Style (read: HUGE!!)
  12. oh yes, the Fuchsbau - thanks Scruff.

    also, the Ponyhof - a little bar in the woods. We'd go for a run and end up in there for a swift half or 3 before carrying on....
  13. Ponyhof still there, run by people with 6 toes I think.
  14. Good Memory Smudge,

    But if my memory serves me well, it occurred on the 23rd March 1987 at "E" Civilian Mess during a party being hosted by some German officers and their wives. Again, if my memory serves me well, some 31 Germans and Dutch were injured. It was the second device to have been left within Rheindahlen Garrison. You're probably too young to remember the 500lb bomb left in the boot of a black German Registered BMW which was parked in the Families NAAFI Car Park on the night of 13/14 July 1978 but not discovered by the RMP until the following week because it had German plates.
  15. Was it as late as that? I thought it was earlier? Google does put it as 1987 though.