Rheindahlen - cost of goods and services

APC have decided that for the next 2 years, Rheindahlen, Germany, cannot survive without me. Since it was the 1980s when I was last there, I am out of touch with things slightly.

The HIVE has sent me all the info it can, but what I need to know is what they can’t tell me, (I’m concerned at the prices mentioned within this forum ref Germany LOA but I didn’t want to hijack that thread):

Cars: Am I best waiting to get out there to sort headlamps etc? Is the insurance a rip-off from a few companies, or can I get German insurance? I take it the days of buy-backs and new cars for less than 2nd hand are no more?

Mobile/telephone/broadband: who’s best, who do I avoid. Will I have to pay reconnection fees. 2 year contracts shouldn’t be a problem.

Insurance: who is best for house contents, cars, bikes, dog, and that one you have to have if a local sues you?

Essentially I’m in UK now, so do I leave it until I get there and trust the on-site brokers/dealers or can I sort any of this in advance and what is the cheapest/best suppliers/ companies etc?
Welcome on board the sinking ship. It is going to be very quiet around here soon.

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