Rheindahlen - cost of goods and services

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by fatfekker, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. APC have decided that for the next 2 years, Rheindahlen, Germany, cannot survive without me. Since it was the 1980s when I was last there, I am out of touch with things slightly.

    The HIVE has sent me all the info it can, but what I need to know is what they can’t tell me, (I’m concerned at the prices mentioned within this forum ref Germany LOA but I didn’t want to hijack that thread):

    Cars: Am I best waiting to get out there to sort headlamps etc? Is the insurance a rip-off from a few companies, or can I get German insurance? I take it the days of buy-backs and new cars for less than 2nd hand are no more?

    Mobile/telephone/broadband: who’s best, who do I avoid. Will I have to pay reconnection fees. 2 year contracts shouldn’t be a problem.

    Insurance: who is best for house contents, cars, bikes, dog, and that one you have to have if a local sues you?

    Essentially I’m in UK now, so do I leave it until I get there and trust the on-site brokers/dealers or can I sort any of this in advance and what is the cheapest/best suppliers/ companies etc?
  2. Worth a look on Rear Party as well, for info, in case it's there :)
  3. http://www.motorbrowser.co.uk/index.asp

    Try this site for a bit of benchmarking. It is linked to Martin Lewis Money Saving site and I do not think he would allow any "legal" link to a dodgy affilated site?
    There is also a link to Rogers Headlights so you can price up conversions etc.


    This looks like a one stop shop but I have never used the company.
  4. Welcome on board the sinking ship. It is going to be very quiet around here soon.
  5. Ta for the links.

    Ref sinking ship, I'm there until it gently slips below the surface.
  6. Make sure you remember to turn the lights off..................