Rheindahlen Area Tourism Suggestions Please!

A pal of mine will be taking a cadet group to Rhein-D in the near future. He is trying to find places/suggestions for day trips for the little dears.

My knowledge of that area is well out of date and I therefore throw him via me on your kindness. Ideally, he needs stuff like waterparks, displays, day-trip material within an hour or two's drive by coach.

I and he thank you in advance
Cheers Mate, passed it on, any others or good sources of info? I have mentioned contacting HIVE


Phantasialand near Cologne, or the chocolate musuem in Cologne itself along with the cathedral there.
Massive Roman thingie at Xanten. Plus an Op VERITABLE battlefield tour...............
you could try the tier park at

Tiergarten Mönchengladbach
Am Pixbusch 22
41199 Mönchengladbach

they have a website just type in tier park monchengladbach

may not be what you want but its an idea.

ps it is quite cheap as well which might be a factor
Cheers all, I shall be passing this on ASAP!
Take 'em to the Reaperbahn in Hamburg. Just drop 'em off and arrange a pick up at the Burger King. :D It would be a trip they remembered for years....

Failing that there is the Bruggan Burg (castle) and a few other odds and sods.

There is a PX on RheinD, that kill a few hours.
The Blue Lagoon if the weather is good. Its an lake with an artificial beach with loads of stuff for kids including one of them waterski drag things. Only abouut 20 mins from JHQ. Also there's apparently a museum at Laarbruch\Weeze airport. Not been but could be worth a look.

I second the suggestion for Burger Zoo in Arnhem, it's the best zoo I've ever been to and while you are in Arnhem visit the Parachhute museum at Osterbeek, great for cadets.
Aqua zoo at Dusseldorf always used to be quite good.... penguins, seals, fish and best of all, crocs and gators in an open enclosure (so if you have any annoying kids you can have an impromptu feeding time!!!)
Thanks very much guys, that's a fine selection of ideas! I'll pass them on ASAP, that should keep my pal and his troops amused during their stay!

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