But they would look bloody great charging across the desert before going into action, maybe we should suggest it? 8)
Why has nobody stated the bloody obvious? :eek: Its only a different cap badge. We are ALL gunners !!! :x
Re Kings Tp deploying, Where does the Band fit in? They don`t perform without one! :D :p


in kings troop be prepaired to be very good with a shovel and a brush! get ready for early mornings and no leave! and despite there being lots of horses theres a tonne of bullshit
We just got back from Afghan (1RHA). If your going to join Kings Troop get ready to work harder than you've ever worked in your life mate, shovelling horse shit everyday ...eugh. Join RHA , way forward for sure : )
UP THE EAGLES!!!! (That picture is a depiction of N Battery (The Eagle Troop) earning their honour title).

NO you can't be Gunner Log in King's Troop (I think). KT is a ceremonial unit, but individuals from within can and do get attached to other Gunner units to serve a tour. At Ph1, as a KT volunteer (that's what you'll be) you'll be given the trade of mounted Gunner. (cue smutty comments)

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