RH Haslar - should it be reopened?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sfub, May 26, 2010.

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  1. I go past this place every day, either on the bike or walking the hound. It's been closed for a while, yet there remains the infrastructure within for an excellent hospital for the use of the military. What baffles me was the abject lack of mention of this during the run up to the election. Why has the subject ref the absence of dedicated military hospitals seem to have dropped off the political agenda?
  2. Good idea but one word will occur time and time again

  3. Well its been sold for apartments so I doubt the MoD could afford to buy it back.
  4. sold for £3 million.... and kept very quiet. A lot of waterfront and real estate for very little money.
  5. What about re-opening Wroughton? Ely?

    or have they been sold off to make the nations coffers bulge?
  6. £3 million?

    Perhaps there needs to be a corruption enquiry...
  7. dont hold your breath:

    which means it wont happen and will be sold as loads of mega expensive waterfront apartments.
  8. Wroughton istr is now an industrial estae. Which proves my point that property is more important than health and welfare, especially of those in the employ of HM.
  9. I think it needs to be watched, but from the news reports Gosport Council and local residents are very involved in making sure that it doesn't just become another expensive luxury housing development.
  10. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    It's been mentioned here on other threads but the Cambridge Military Hospital in Aldershot used to take in civilians from the surrounding area, not just service-people and their families. There was a brickie in the bed opposite me when I was there in 1987, for instance. I'll never forget watching a Coldstreamer bull his trainers for him, just for a laugh - boredom's a terrible thing.

    I suspect the other military hospitals did the same.

    The idea that military hospitals need treat only the military is a myth, so the cost argument, is it a bit of a smokescreen? It's not as if facilities are (or need be) held for the exclusive (and therefore overly costly) use of the military. But you do then have the advantage of a facility that you can clear, secure and use for military-only purposes as and when.

    The other advantage, of course, is that they can be run to military standards of cleanliness...
  11. Both myself and Sfub senior have ended up with MRSA as a result of the wonderful care of the QA. Ended my career prematurely, and something I'll never forgive the NHS for.
  12. Sorry to chop your quote up a bit, youre right about the UK based Military Hospitals taking NHS patients from the local area, in fact at the CMH, because it had an A&E it took all sorts as an ambulance usually goes to the nearest A&E if it has serious casualties on board rather than to its home hospital. The military would be paid for any NHS patients it had, the same way that the MoD now pays NHS hospitals for meeting quotas for the military patients it treats.

    As for cost, the military hospitals were closed as part of DCS 15, the DCS stood for Defence Cost Study, it concluded that for the cost of each military hospital it could fund 4 MDHUs.

    Its absolute bollox to say it had nothing to do with cost and it was because of clinical competencies.
  13. I'm sure that Raf Halton's hospital was used by the civvy populace, mind you , there was nothing of comparable size for a large area around. Aylesbury hospital used to send patients over all the time.

    That'd make an ideal 'New' military hospital. But like others have said, the political will and funding just isn't there. Shame.
  14. just have to make do with a floor in the new QE hospital in Birmingham instead.