Discussion in 'Infantry' started by johnwhite, Nov 2, 2003.

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  1. Any info
  2. I thought they were call the Devon and Dorset Regiment 8O ...........I may be wrong it has been known :lol:
  3. Not often your right egg, but wrong again :D :D
  4. Sorry - my mistake -

    Devonshire and Dorset Regiment.

    So.....anyone have any opinions on them?
  5. Sorry buddy.............I know they come from the West Country somewhere and eat a lot of vegitables, thats about it...............remember rule No 1 :lol:
  6. Rule no. 1????
  7. Yea........it comes just before Rule Nr 2 :lol: ...........don't tell you don't know what Rule Nr 1 is........ 8O
  8. I will have to disapoint and say I do't know any of the rules!!!! :oops:

    Its my 2nd day on this site - give me a chance - :lol:
  9. Top tip. As with any other interview, it pays dividends to know something about the firm / organisation you want to join - it demonstrates a little bit of investment of effort on your behalf. If you can't even mamage to get the name of the Regiment you want to join even vaguely right, I wouldn't present myself on their doorstep wanting a Commission with them. Try the RLC, it's easier to spell and remember. As it happens this is a fine Infantry Battalion who have a cracking history behind them. I suggest you acquaint yourself with it.
  10. If you've spent time with them, and want to join up with them, how come you 'forgot' the name of the Regt :?:
  11. Devon & Dorset
    AKA: Dumb and Dumber

    They are part of the crew running Ten Tors i think. Don't know much more than that and i was laughed at by a bunch of pissed squaddies bombing it about in a landie, they all had D&D cap-badges and as a result i tend not to talk to them.

    Hope you enjoy the regiment though...

  12. I merely got excited and got the names round the wrong way - a foolish and schoolboy error!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Glad to hear they are a good bunch!
  13. I was on an exercise with them in, oooooh, 1987. Their ops officer used to come up to our location at night for the scoff cos his echlon cook was shiite ! Offered me a two week attachment to one of the companies for the remainder of the ex, to which as a mere Airtrooper with a fondness to refueling cabs and not living under a hedge, I declinded ! I had a laugh with some of the lads. Seems like one of those Regiments with a long family tradition built in, so they’re a more 'close knit Regt', but I don't know if it's changed since '87?
  14. ...bloody hell, don't know what they are like now but they used to be amazing

    (Banj1981 might have been confused by the fact the the Duke of Devonshire is "Devonshire" as are lots of Devon-related things but the regiment uses "Devon")
    ...basically it's so bloody confusing even their own website gets it wrong.

    ...but it also rightly calls itself the "Devon and Dorset"

    A muddle if ever i saw one!

    Civ :roll: