RGJ light div depot 1984

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mrsimmers, May 18, 2012.

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  1. Was anyone there when i was , joined April1st 1984

    Was in Kohema plt, Plt Sgt was Colin Hitchcock & Section Commander was Cpl Mick Dalton who i here recently sadly passed away.

    Just remembered OC training coy was Major Von Merdvelt (spelling ?)
  2. Check your PM's.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I assume that was Peninsula Bks?
  4. Sprogs. :) I spent six weeks there in 1973. It was a short time because I had completed two years boy service. The only personality I remember now after all these years is Jamie Balfour who was the platoon commander at the time and retired as a Major General.
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  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Likeewise I did 8 weeks waiting to go to bn after a year at IJLB it was refreshingly relaxed! I was in the first draft out of Jnr Con Pln as I was 17 and a half first.

  6. Sure was , there blocks of flats now.
  7. 'OC training coy was Major Von Merdvelt (spelling ?) '

    Von Merveldt
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was in long block near RHQ and I went back to see the Mother In Law who ran the Gurkha Museum shop and its all been tastefully done but I wouldnt buy one of the flats. I wonder what happened to the Boards on the walls in the middle bit of Long Block, with all the fallen Riflemen on?
  9. Also known as Von Murderball
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  10. Jamie Balfour is a great bloke....
  11. I think that went to RHQ at Sir John Moore Barracks.
  12. I went down and visited the RGJ museum about two years ago. It's all the same buildings converted into luxury flats. I've never been in one so I don't know how luxurious they are? The square is now a large pond or two with some landscaping.

    It mostly basically looks very similar to what it was though.
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  13. Just had a look on google for properties there.

    A 3 bedroomed town house is up for nearly 1.4 million. A 2 bedroomed top floor flat is a snip at £500.000.

    A bit beyond a Riflemans means but they do look really nice.

    Oh, and the service charges, grounds maintenance charges and Council tax add up to over 6 grand a year or about £120 per week.
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  14. ...aka 'The Pink Helmet'. Never liked the fella myself..he seemed to believe that he lived in a world where he could do no wrong.
  15. I was there in 84 in Cassino Plt under you lot in long block, yeah Von Merveldt was quite a character his dad was Waffen SS ( or so he told us ) and he joined the Brit Army to be on the winning side for once, always bumming ciggies of the nigs ......soft durch !!!