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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by backblast, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell Me why there has never been an RGJ TA Unit in the North West Area,thank's...
  2. You need to have a job.


  3. Ha Ha Funny F*cker... :D
  4. Right on both counts
  5. Because they only recruit soft southern shandy drinking woofters?
  6. With jobs.
  7. Might be something to do with where the Rifle Brigade and the KRRC originally recruited from.
  8. There are load's of Scouser's in The RGJ,just wondered why they only ever had their TA Unit's in London and Milton Keynes ?
  9. Is there an air despatch TA does anyone know?
  10. Nah,everyone just use's Royal Mail i think ? :D
  11. Scousers join the RGJ because they anticipate nicking really good stuff wherever the battalions are posted.
  12. Wheeton???
  13. The Kingo's were there before us so it was pretty much cleaned out when we got there :D
  14. That and the combination of laughing Jock W and Janner boy Neal the Man from MT...
  15. Its mainly because the TA units attached to the KRRC & RB were based in London. Historically the KRRC & RB recruited from London and the Home Counties even though officially they recruited countrywide. The Rifle Volunteer units outside London tended to get attached to the local county regiment.

    e.g. The Leeds Rifles were attached to the West Yorks then RTR
    The Liverpool Rifles were attached to the Kings, and so on

    Hope this answers your question