RGBW to amalgamate with D & D

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by IdleAdjt, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. Have just heard on excellent authority that the planned split of the RGBW is now no to go ahead. Due to a re-visiting of the numbers, it has been decided to amalgamate the RGBW with the D&D.

    The origional plan had the Berkshire and Wiltshire elements of the RGBW being absorbed into the PWRR. The Glostershire part of the RGBW was due to join the D&D and go into the Light Division.

    It has now come to light that the D&D are not as well manned as they claimed and with the strong manning in the PWRR, it has been decided to amalgamate the RGBW and the D&D. They will go to join the Light Div and be called the 1st Battalion The Rifles.
  2. Have you got a source on that? I didn't think they were changing the name of the Light Infantry for the time being.

    "The Rifles" sounds like a crap title if I ever heard one.
  3. Have also heard this on extremely good authority! Opsec is such a wonderful thing... :D
  4. Opsec, whats that. No bit of int survives contact with ARRSE.
  5. Great spin by the Labour cnuts.

    The RGBW will still disappear as they will be merged anyway with the D&D.

    I heard that is was because the D&Ds had not been entirely truthful with their manning figures and they need the BW part of the RGBW not just the G.

    This is not meant as a slur on the D&Ds (before I get bombarded with abusive west country posts) as we can all understand their Regt fighting by all means at their disposal to keep themslves going.
  6. Good news, at least the amalgament will be with a former Wessex Bde Regiment, like keeping it in the family.
  7. Interesting spin:

    As Arthur Dent would say "This is obviously some strang usage of the word 'saved' I was previously unaware of"
  8. This is from The Wardrobe

    Future Infantry Structure – The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment 9th March 2005

    The text below was released by RGBW Regimental Headquarters earlier today, 9th March:

    The Secretary of State for Defence (Mr Geoffrey Hoon):

    On 16 December 2004 I announced changes to the future structure of the Infantry, including a decision on how we would achieve a reduction by one in the number of battalions in The Prince of Wales's Division. The antecedent components of the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment (RGBW) were to merge with, in the case of the Gloucestershire element, The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment (which would also transfer to The Light Infantry) and, in the case of The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment element, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment.However, following my announcement, there was a widespread perception that the plan to split the RGBW along the lines of its antecedent parts amounted to the disbandment of the RGBW and the abandonment of its own heritage.

    In view of this, I asked the Executive Committee of the Army Board (ECAB) to review its original recommendation in relation to the future of the RGBW. In the process of this review, ECAB noted that in formulating its original recommendation on the RGBW it had given insufficient weight to the sense of identity that has evolved during the 10 years since the RGBW was created.

    ECAB concluded that although the substance of the original recommendation – that the RGBW will form the basis of the reduction by one battalion of The Prince of Wales's Division – should not change, more could be done to preserve the identity and heritage of the RGBW itself, and not just of its antecedents. ECAB now recommends that this should be achieved instead through an amalgamation of The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment with the RGBW. The resulting new regiment will become the 1st Battalion The Light Infantry (reflecting the original decision for the D and D to join The Light Infantry).

    I have accepted the need for this adjustment to the original recommendation. The details of how the amalgamation will be taken forward will be a matter for the Army to manage and will be worked out by those concerned over the coming months.
  9. If true good news, at least the RGBW get to stay together.
    Plan A was a bit smart.
  10. All that needs to be done now is to bring the Royal Hampshires back from the PWRR and amalgamate them with the D & D's and we have a whole Brigade of the orignal structure from the 60's. The only problem would be that there would be four regiments heaped into one battalion, a regimental historians nightmare........... :lol: Seriuously though, it is sad to see all this happen, but can we afford it?
  11. You're welcome to the Hampshires, mate! Then we can have the Queen's Regiment back again. Hooray!!
  12. Like it was a factory or something. Bl*ody hacks.
  13. You have forgotten that trickle posting is how things will work in the future!

    So don't get to excited about retaining regimental ethos etc 'cos there will not be any.
  14. Don't be so certain exXIX. Both the crabs and the tars operate a similar system of individual postings and you can't deny that there still exists some fierce squadron and ship loyalties. It just won't be the same as it is now.

    BTW, the RGBW thing is public knowledge because it is part of an ongoing consultation. Nothing will be certain (including orbats) until the July announcement.