RGBW Mess Dress

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by W0II_Dazla, Jun 30, 2003.

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  1. For Sale: 1 x RGBW WOII's Mess Dress,
    Only Warn 7 Times Never Puked Over.....
    Only Missing Citation But Has ACF Titles One Each Arm.
    Will Concider Swap For Reasonable Offer
  2. I'll swap you for a N64 plus controller, and Goldern Eye.  Or some garden furniture.  Take your pick.
  3. What about a Vauxhall Viva.......its in my garden on some bricks if you want to have a look?
  4. RGBW!!!!!!!!!  I'll swap it for the silt and minging bit of smeg at the bottom of my fish tank...

    I'll have the ACF flashes though, especially if it lets me near children with smooth thighs and jumpers for goal posts ;D
  5. Had a rumage around the house last night.  I can swap with you for the mess dress either:

    Oil heated radiator x 2
    Box of different audio cables x approx 30+
    Old bergen
    Wardrobe x 1
    Large fish tank

    or the N64 with controller and game, or garden furniture.
  6. Tell you what, have the Viva and I'll chuck in the bricks for free.  Can't say better than that now can I?