Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by dkny, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. hi....cam anyone answer this question...... what q's are on the RG8, who gets it, me, the gp, or both.
  2. basically have you had this or ever suffered with that syndrome,disease,defect,with mine i got it filled it in then took it togp for them to verify the answers i'd put,you might want to pester your gp to fill it out as mine told they would do it in a week it took them six and my application got withdrawn because of it
  3. With mine I made an appointment with my GP and sat with him as he filled it out so that any questions he had I could try and answer plus it ensures you get it done there and then.
  4. best way. you're also allowed to then take it to your ACIO and let them send it off rather than the GP. I had to beg my recruiter for an extra set of forms because my GP ****ed up the first lot.
  5. I done the same thing - that is definitely the best way, you hear all sorts of horror stories about them getting queued up for months otherwise.

    Yeah pretty much it's a checkbox thing, Yes or No to have you suffered from x, y and z.

    Your GP goes through it and ticks 'agree' or 'disagree' with all of them - presumably s/he'll 'agree' everything, and it goes off to the RSC you're going to and they give you an answer (generally) within the longest fortnight of your life.

    Pretty straight forward really - and I had heart, knee and back things on mine and still passed due to them all being either my GP getting over-excited about something and diagnosing me with a bullshite illness, or it being from years in the past.

    Good luck :thumright:
  6. yes, lol... i was kinda thinking the same thing about the GP getting over-excited. Mind you, at i guess with my medical history, i dont reckon my chances...... ive just read all the horror stories in the health and fitness section.....but bloody hell, im 30! im bound to have more of a med history than your average 16/17 year old. life does that 2 ya...anyway no worries, we'll c what happens......

    cheers for the reply guys.
  7. Don't worry, aslong as they were like 2 years ago there's no problems. I don't think i've had any major issues in the past, i'll visit the GP that was in the Indian Army ;)

    But yeah haven't been doctors for years ;)
  8. They tend to use common sense anyway (Army Docs at the RSC), and will bear in mind that you'll have a 30 year olds med history and judge you as such.

    You won't be put into the same fitness category as sub 30 year olds anyway, I even think your fitness reqs are less than ours.
  9. Come to think of it, you're an old guy, so they'll sympathyse ;)
  10. you're right about the level of fitness being less for a man of my age(lol), but i think its pretty marginal....for example, the number of press ups required is 4 less than the standard amount. Funny though, i dont think an extra 4 press ups would have killed me....lol.

    Im kinda sure though that in terms of attributes, the Army may well expect different things from me as opposed to younger entrants.....

    I did sit the army entrance test way back when i was 17, i remember bowling into the Army Careers....I can say that when i went down the other week im def not the same guy i was then.
  11. TBH i'd rather serve with a 30 year old than a fellow 17 year old lol.. more life experience, knowing what they want and having been there, in general.

    Not a kid thinking "I'm a killer not a driller."
  12. likewise, id rather serve with those who had aquired a certain level of maturity.....I must add though, maturity can be attained at any age, it usually comes about through life experience or just experience in general.

    i know of young guys who have aquired it, but counter to that i know people my age who haven't!

    The Army Careers did make a joke though, they said, 'they will cal u dad!'

    Sadly though, i think my med history may result in my app being def. for 2 years.....this would not usually be an issue, but ive just turned 31. If this does happen, it will mean by the time i could re-apply, id be over 33(just) thus ineligable on the grounds of age!

    There are things i can try, i think really what i need though is a prof opinion from army medical services before i continue with my application.
  13. Dkny, I'm in a similar position, (being a bit on the old side) - albeit not as old as you!!!!!

    The medical form was given to me to fill in, which I did, and then the doctor had to sign to say I had been truthful. Turns out I'd put stuff down that wasn't on my records (even though I'd seen the doc about it!), so started to panic that I may have said too much about a certain past problem, that no longer exists, and didn't need mentioning at all! But, it took less than a week for it to be approved, and all is well. So I would just recommend you fill it in, and let the medical staff have their say before you worry too much!
  14. Yes, you're right.

    I just spoke to the guy at the careers office??????? after explaining evrything to him, he said, 'if ur ill, blah blah blah, u have to put it on the form'. I had just explained that im not ill, its a past issue and its not an illness listed in the application notes........he replied, 'errr, dunno then' What i was trying to establish was whether there was any point in continuing with application based on all the horror stories in the health and fitness section.

    What i cant understand is that im almost certain, based on what ive read, that my case would be def for a while - why cant the guys at the careers tell me that in order that i need not waste eveyones time???

    oh well, im gonna apply anyway - but in order to support my application, im having some private consultant add his prof opinion. and compile a report based around my suitabillity for a career in the Armed Forces. Not sure if it will make any difference, but it cant do any harm. Arguably, his report will be more extensive and detailed as opposed to the GP making a short comment on the back of the RG8.......
  15. So 30 isn't too old for the Army? What areas are open to you?