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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jamie_Mayer, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi, ive just spoken to the careers office about the RG8 Opticians form and the bloke said that i can go to any aproved optician and if there is a cost then its going to cost me and not the army. I dont have a problem with that but i just wondered if there is anywhere I can get it for free, as money is a bit tight at the moment.

  2. i went along to OPTIKA optitions they did it for free no questions asked, just ak at where ever you had your most recent prescription, its only a case of writting down from there notes unless you need another test? then you will have to pay for the exam
  3. ah cheers mate I didnt realise that was the case, I thought you had to have a complete eye exam.
  4. Unfortunately not, but if you have had an eye test in the last 12 months, take it to them, and they shouldn't charge you anything for it.
    If not, its the price of an eye test!
  5. Ignore me, I didn't realise you could do that!
  6. The Army (or at least the TA!) paid me for my private eye test.
  7. Needed to get a new prescription anyway (best idea before you disappear into training for 6 months), and i just asked for a copy. Completely free.
  8. Any opticians in Scotland will do it for free. In England it will cost you 36 pounds. I dont know where you live but if you can get up to Scotland for less than 36 pounds that's what I would do.

  9. £19.95 at Specsavers.
  10. Most people who obtain their prescription from their opticians, tend to first explore the range that the local optician offers. Many will eventually find the prescription eyeglasses that suits them, however, the affordability factor then comes into play. Some, if not most, will find that the perfect pair of glasses for them, is not within their budget.

    Thanks for sharing..

    Leightons Opticians - Professional Opticians Eye Test & Eye Care Services.
  11. Its more to do with corrective lenses to be fitted inside the respirator.