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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by speedybham, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. I've got a medical comin up shorly but no RG8, i was previously in TA.

    Recruits for other units are completing RG8 before I go, they said just complete it there before seein MO,

    Will they apply for my records later off my GP, also will the MO have my old medical records from when I was in before?

    any ideas anyone??

  2. M8, what should happen is the unit gives you the RG8 prior to your medical with the MO. It is a self fill document which is handed over in a sealed envelope(for medical confidence) to your Recruiter who should pass it on to someone medically qualified to check for any thing which may ring alarm bells prior to the MO being booked in to see you. The RG8 basically is a filter to ensure your ok and then the MO does your PULHEEMS etc and passes you fit. If you are rejoining the Unit should do a 203 for you (special authority to Enlist) form and if required they can request your old Med records.
    Hope this has helped, as for filling in the RG8 on the night you see the MO...Just seems like a risk, if you have a problem then it is a wasted journey for all concerned.
  3. I've heard them mention special authortu to enlist.... i passed medical before without any problems, anyone know if my previous medical records will be with the MO on the day or are they only supplied if required or requested

    thanks for your reply