RG Form 8 (Medical) Query

I have been given my RG8 Form last night by the recruitment officer and was told just to complete the check list on the back page and the Doctor would fill the rest in. However, when I have got home and had a good look at the form it looks like the whole form is for me to fill in as the questions are all worded... ' Do you have or have you ever suffered with any of the following?'.

I can't see anywhere on the form for the Doctor to complete. :?

Please can I have some help from somebody else that has completed this form as I don't really want to wait until next weeks drill night and delay matters any longer and if it is for me to fill in does it matter that I can't remember dates of some answers as these were from over 20 years ago?

Any help would be very much appreciated.
when I filled mine in, i needed to put what i thought I had, injuries etc ... then you take it to you doc and he yays or nays it, posts it back to your unit .. i then went through it on my medical with the army doc ..

if you have any queries phone the unit admin officer during normal hours.
Thanks, that sounds about right although am going to struggle remembering every injury/illness! Most of mine will be sprains, cuts, etc. from playing football and mountain biking which I can't imagine will be a problem but will take up some room on the form as I was a regular at casualty as a kid! I am however, concerned about 'Hayfever with Wheezing' which I had a visit to the Doctors with about 6/7 years ago and he did prescribe my an inhaler, also was off work for almost 6 months in 2001 following a car accident with back/neck problems. All these are fine now and I haven't had any problems since.

I have only just given up smoking, will they check to see if I have a wheeze and if so is it likely to be a problem?

im afraid the only person to say if anything is a problem will be the army doc ...
I have a neck injury, went head first into a wall on a bike as a kid, left me with bad migranies for 10 years plus doc did some range of motion checks confirmed i dont suffer migraines now and was fine ..
im a recruiter in my unit and we ask that you fill it out as much as possible to the best of your knowledge and without holding anything back.

I suppose each unit is different though. I recommend you do it the way your unit asks, there must be a reason.
Thanks for that, I've got an appointment with the Doc on Friday and will just fill out all I can remember and hope I don't forget anything important.
Went to see the Doctor today with my medical form and he was really helpful and went through the form and my medical history with me. It seems the recruitment officer may have forgotten to give me a form as there wasn't anywhere obvious for the Doctor to sign or complete so he wrote notes and signed a statement saying it was an accurate account of my medical history. He has given me the form to give back to the unit instead of posting and risk losing.

I imagine the missing form will be given to me on drill night and I will have to go back again just to prolong matters further.

The only thing on my history which may cause the Army concern is that in 2002 (so 7 years ago) I had a chest infection and was 'wheezy' and therefore prescribed antibiotics and an inhaler, does anybody think this will be an issue?
I have handed my medical form into the recruitment officer who had a look through it and couldn't see anything of concern, although I had an inhaler prescribed for a chest infection 7 years ago which he questioned.

How long does it usually take from handing this in to finding out if I am accepted onto the beasic recruit weekend (I appreciate it may take a little longer currently)?


Impatient Applicant.

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