RG 8 medical form

I am in the process of applying for 4 Para. I have just taken my RG 8 medical form to my med centre for my GP to fill in. The receptionist took all my paperwork from me and just banged it in a pigeon hole saying she will forward it on once filled in.

Is this the norm? My opticians report was in with it as well as a few other bits. I expected to collect the completed form and send it in myself.

I left saying to myself "if that form ends up in Pudsey, I will get my arrse out in town".

I know no-one can comment on the receptionist's efficiency or competency, but did anyone else have their form completed and posted for them?

Yes, when I took mine everything was taken off me .. doctor filled it in then sent it off .. the next time I got to see my RG8 was as the army med centre when the army doc went through it with me ..
Its usually best to make an appointment with your GP rather than handing it to the reception staff. Delays in the return of RG8s from GPs are one of the biggest hold-ups in the recruiting process. If they want to know why you need the appointment tell them that you are getting migraines from all the recruiting paperwork you have to complete!

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