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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 3, 2005.

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  1. TA T-Shirt

    Ok not from this site but many cross post but the TShirts good
  2. Yeah, it's not a bad t-shirt. But the price is too high. Would probaly wear it under something though.
  3. shut it crowbag! you havent even finished phase1 yet!

  4. Why, why, why?

    Why would anyone want an unofficial TA T-Shirt!?!

    Military T-shirts are acquired... unit t-shirts for PT and recruiting, CDT shirts because their free... but off the internet, its worse than cadets in assault vests!
  5. I think CF has done it for a laugh, if you follow the link on that site you'll 4 pages of other items.

    Others include TShirts with "SAS Soldier" and "SWAT Soldier"
  6. ahhh... think i may have been done there. Subtlety never my strong point.
  7. Bite me
  8. Light-hearted fun at the expense of ourselves, can't beat it.
  9. oh wont i look cool
  10. Wanted to add t-shirts to help fund the site, as i'm now living in a field under my basha to afford it. However, I then found out that selling t-shirts isn't a good way of doing this, as they're too damn expensive and I'd make hardly any profit from selling one anyway.

    I don't expect anyone to buy a t-shirt from there, but I left them up because they're funny.