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Why, why, why?

Why would anyone want an unofficial TA T-Shirt!?!

Military T-shirts are acquired... unit t-shirts for PT and recruiting, CDT shirts because their free... but off the internet, its worse than cadets in assault vests!
barkingbugle said:
Why, why, why?
I think CF has done it for a laugh, if you follow the link on that site you'll 4 pages of other items.

Others include TShirts with "SAS Soldier" and "SWAT Soldier"
Wanted to add t-shirts to help fund the site, as i'm now living in a field under my basha to afford it. However, I then found out that selling t-shirts isn't a good way of doing this, as they're too damn expensive and I'd make hardly any profit from selling one anyway.

I don't expect anyone to buy a t-shirt from there, but I left them up because they're funny.
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