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Does anyone know if the UK MoD are obliged to fund & organise Rfn Nash's repatriation to Australia (if required) or does it fall upon the family?

If the latter is the case, there are at least 3 ex British Army officers here in Brisbane who are willing to put some money together to help out.

Any info will be gratefully received, just PM.

I would hope that our MoD would pay for the repatriation of this brave Australian,If not,I'm sure that you can rely on people on this site,to help meet the costs.
RTFQ, I'm pretty confident that it will be sorted Regimentally, if not at another level. Can I ask everyone to hold off meanwhile, until it is clear whether or not it will be a problem?

In the meantime, to a fellow Australian and a fellow Rifleman: go with your God. John Simpson would have been proud.

Celer et Audax.
Hi there RTFQ . Rifleman Stuart Nash sounds like a great guy, a true Aussie and we are grateful that he joined our Armed Services. Stuart's repatriation flight to the UK is tomorrow morning; touch down at RAF Lyenham 1100hrs local, followed by a service in the chapel. I hear that his folks are arriving here tonight. I am going to Lyneham with a couple of mates to line the road side with hundreds of locals who always turn out to pay their respects to the fallen. I am sure that the MOD will pay for repatriation to Sydney and cover all the costs (after all he was one of ours as well). I will find out tomorrow from the Rifles Unit Welfare Officer and get back to you tomorrow night. Any chance of finding out from you out there, when the funeral will be, also an address so that we can send flowers? his home address of the funeral director if possible. I am doing this for a mate who is out in Afghanistan at the moment. He meet Stuart a few weeks ago and he feels that we should at least support his family at a time like this.
Hope you don't mind mate but I served 22 years myself.
'Once a Rifleman all ways a Rifleman' RIP Stuart Nash you will greatly be missed.
With Fijian soldiers that have lost their lives, the Regiments have sent the full military honours/guard etc on the final journey. Hope he has a good send off.
REPATRIATION: Today at just before 1100 hrs a C17 RAF aircraft flew a low fly past over RAF Lyneham with the body of Rifleman Stuart Nash of the 1st Rifles. After landing, the coffin was carried past Stuart's parents (Amanda and Bill Nash) on the shoulders of Riflemen from his Unit. After the church service in the RAF base chapel, the hearse carrying Stuart was escorted by Police outriders, front and rear, from the airfield. Hundreds of local people, ex servicemen and serving soldiers from the 'Rifles' assembled along the route to Oxford City.

At 1305 hrs in the little Town of Wootton Bassett, the main street was packed with hundreds of people waiting to pay their respects to a fallen soldier. The hearse stopped at the war memorial for a minutes silence (you could hear a pin drop), again soldiers from the 'Rifles' (some of them back here because of wounds received in Afghanistan) saluted the hearse as it drove by. Over all a real sad day, but I think we did our best to pay our respects to Stuart and his family. It is not clear at this time as to where and when Stuart is to be buried, as it depends on his wishes in his will. I strongly believe, because of my contact with guys in Zarghun Kalay Afghanistan, he will be repatriated to his home in Sydney as he was such a proud Australian. I really hope that when Stuart is repatriated to Australia that the good people of Sydney will honour him as we have done (after all he is an Australian).

On Sunday there is to be a memorial service at the Barracks of the 1st Rifles. I will try and keep those of you that have asked questions up todate as I hear it. RIP Rifleman Nash.
The Australian funeral for Rifleman Stuart Nash will be held on Wednesday the 14th of January at St Matthews Anglican Church in Windsor NSW at 13:30.
The family has requested that instead of flowers, a donation be made to Legacy Australia.
Donations in UK should go the 1st Rifles Welfare or the Royal British legion
The funeral will be a full Military Funeral so Uniforms may be worn by those so entitled, in accordance with the appropriate protocols.
UK personnel serving locally in Oz are welcome to attend
1st Battalion The Rifles, are flying out a bearer party from the UK to participate in the ceremony.
See also the RIP Stuart Nash facebook page

From the ABC website:

Mourners say Australian soldier died a hero

Mourners have packed Saint Matthew's Anglican Church in western Sydney for the funeral of an Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan. Twenty-one-year-old Stuart Nash was killed in combat in Afghanistan in December.

Rifleman Nash was fighting as a member of the British Rifles Regiment. At the funeral, Brigadier Jeremy Robbins from the British High Commission described Rifleman Nash as a promising young soldier, instantly popular, committed and loyal, with a good sense of humour.

The young Australian had only finished his training with the British Army three months before his death.

Rifleman Nash was the youngest and newest member of his battalion. Eight members of his battalion flew to Sydney for his funeral and carried his coffin, which was draped in the Australian flag.

A family friend spoke of Rifleman Nash's energy and enthusiasm, and his eagerness to be part of any adventure that was going.

He said Rifleman Nash died far too young, but he had fulfilled his long-held dream of becoming a solider and he died a hero.

Sorry, guys, a bit of grit in my eye reading this - brought to mind a funeral I attended a while back of a YO killed in Basra. Very sad, good to see the regiment looked after him and so many paid their last respects.
Thank you mate for the info. I have copied it to my mates out there in Afghanistan. Great to see that the Australian Army did him proud as they laid him to rest.
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