RFID Chips soon to be ubiquitous?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hong_kong_fuey, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Could RFID tags spell the end for anonymous shopping? This phenomenon would suit the fascist, traitorous c4nts in the government, no end. The question is, do large multinationals (such as Wal-Mart, in the article) play a part in the social experiment that is unwrapping before our very eyes, not only for their benefit, but for the government's too?

    It's an old article (2003), but still relevant.

    We are sleep-walking into 1984.

  2. I dont know...those Oyster cards are quite nifty when you slap them down on the reader...
  3. But have 'they' got you just where they want you? How did we ever cope when there were conductors on the buses?
  4. hong_kong

    what are you on about ?

    As you said the document is a few years old and Scotty is a fully paid up member of the tin foil hat club.

    Do you have a moblie phone?, use a cash machine (ATM?), drive on the street in the UK?

    Mr Man knows -or to be truthful, If he wants to pay a few quid he might be able to find you or maybe not. A few RIFD's is not going to change your or my world for a few decades.

    Mind, watch out if your trying to nick a few of those expensive gillete shaving blades with (what is it now 27 blades?) those packages are double RIFD so you need to open the pack and take each blade head out before leaving the shop.
  5. My mates hasn't been renewed since Nineteen canteen. Still gets PT to work everyday.
  6. You don't see the virtue of being able to shop anonymously, old_bloke? You don't see the danger of private businesses and government being able to compile information in this way? He may be 'tin-foil' but he's stating facts. I'll judge him on the facts.
  7. Shop anonymously?? What the funk for?

    WTF I buy food, how can I be part of a global conspiracy. I pay cash FFS.
  8. Monitor me all they like. Stick a fcuking GPS where my left nut once was and a digital camera in my right eye socket.

    I don't commit any offences besides Self Rape. So i've got nothing worth knowing. If they're going to waste money they're going to and Tin foil hat brigade aint going to be able to stop them.



  9. Do keep up at the back. :wink:

    Watch the German geeks. They know stuff.
  10. Your link is broken...
  11. Fair play :p . I became aware of this a long time ago, but stumbled across this article recently. It just goes to show how we accept the inevitability of it all and lose our liberty not through physical tyranny, but through complacency, acceptance and resignation. And couldn't this technology make physical tyranny easier to accomplish for our political masters? Complacency, acceptance and resignation didn't used to be British traits.

    I suppose as long as we're able to cash in on 'equity' in our properties and live pseudo-celebrity lifestyles, and as long as we can ping a boxed meal in a microwave, and as long as we can escape into the wall to wall crap on TV, etc, then things are fine.
  12. <Wah shield to standby>
    Works for me...
  13. Nice link PE4rocks. :wink:
  14. Well ... if you're really worried treat any new clothes or other things you suspect of containing unwanted rfid chips to a second or so in a microwave oven (put a cup of water in too or you may damage the microwave).

    This is quite effective in destroying the chip. On the other hand, it is rumoured that the rfid chip may catch fire so be careful.

    (see http://www.rsa.com/rsalabs/node.asp?id=2120#13)
  15. I'm not that paranoid...yet. My thinking is that legislation of some kind is needed.