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Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Delhispearman, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. OK - For training - (don't ask!) I am trying to clarify a list or details of gate guardian (armoured vehicles only) and their locations.
    Could I ask that if you know of a current gate guardian outside a guardroom or main gate of a current military establishment in UK to please let me know of the name of the barracks and the type of vehicle. soviet (former WP) vehicles are the most ideal but any really would be useful. I'm prepared for a full range of joke names and vehicles but hopefully amongst the jovial banter some geniune artefacts and locations will aid me in this random task. In anticipation........
  2. CATT trainer out the back of Battlesbury Bks has a Cheiftain tank outside it
  3. Barry Budden has an Ex Iraqi armd medical tracked vehicle theres also a similar one at Fulwood Bks along with IIRC a Cent, a pair of 25pdrs and might be 105mm guns? the ones at Fulwood you cant see from the gate.
  4. Larkhill is littered with guns.

    Not in UK but..
    HQ 1 Div has an Iraqi T55
    HQ 20 Bde has a Centurian
  5. Lashkar Gar has a few burnt out 4x4s that belonged to the PRT.
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  6. Tidworth has (well had last time I was there) a T-55 shaped Iraqi tank outside it.

    Not sure if you'd count them but there are 3x 155mm guns on the roundabout outside one of the sites at Donnington.

    Gamecock Bks (Bramcote, currently 30 Sig Regt) has a CVR(T) and a Land Rover with satellite det on the front gate and an Iraqi 20mm anti aircraft gun and a couple of APCs on the road from the guardroom to the cookhouse.

    Beacon Barracks (Stafford, currently 22 Sig Regt and some Crabs) has a Harrier.

  7. These two as ^

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  8. I remember as a kid (I lived in Marlborough) going to my nans house (Shipton Bellinger) and I always made the old man turn off at Collinbourne to cut through Ludgershall, there used to be a row of armoured vehicles lined up on the bank opposite the school there, all named, but the only one I remember was William, a Saladin if I remember rightly. Might be wrong, but it was 30 years or so ago. Anyone else have any input on that? What was that depot? And what were the vehicles?
  9. Think that was the storeage depot for all the war stock ie bought in and kept in storeage until the ballon went up. Normally annoying to see the stuff there getting auctioned off nearly new whilst we still drove about in clapped out vehicles.
  10. Yup that's them. Lovely new HQ building as well.

    regards to the Comd

  11. Not in barracks, but this Centurion stands at the side of a roundabout on Flensburg Way and the A582, near to Leyland. Notably the Centurion, and prior to that, the Churchill, were made at the Centurion Works, on Centurion Way, in Leyland (or Farington Moss, if you want to split hairs). Rumour has it that it's positioned there to avoid kids living in more built up areas spraypainting graffiti on it..

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  12. The CATT at Warminster has a Challenger I
  13. William was a Conquerer not a Saladin. The Conquerer was the heavy gun tank that preceded the Chieftain! I always wondered what happened to him.. I hope he ended up at Bovington or Duxford..

    There was a Centurian as well, but I can't remember it's name - may have been Julius..!

    Ludgersall was a fabby place.. RAOC subbies could sometimes drop in and take a tank for a cabby They all had to be driven every few months to keep the bits moist. They used to take them out on the plain, but latterly they had a concrete track out the back with a big knife edge to "exercise" the suspension..

    They had all sorts of strange stuff.. I remember the BARV and the AVREs and the SAS Pink Panthers which were classified as A vehicles because of the machine gun mounts..

    Happy days..