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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dr_Evil, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. One of my perversions is that I occasionally like to pretend I am a total newbie to the TA world and then see how accessible/interesting/appealing the info available about the TA is.

    That's how I came to the view that the www.ta.mod.uk site is appalling in that it doesn't directly give any information about individual units without requiring punters to hand over their details first: very intrusive if all you're doing is browsing for info. It takes a bit of technical skill to find the websites of those TA units switched-on enough to have their own site - and even that requires divulging your home postcode to the Man. Grr.

    Worse still is the RFCA London website, which I have just had the misfortune of looking at. The TA page within it has a slideshow of the most ridiculous, unrepresentative and unappealing pictures. Staggering.

    Although they do make wearing a Santa bobble hat when in C95 look like fun.

    Internet-wallahs, please fix.
  2. Interesting. I was on the TA website today trying to find some information on the new (wef 1 Oct) training regime for recruits. Can I find anything? Er, the sad answer is nottalot.

    So, my vote is with yours. Something needs to be done quickly asit all looks a bit disjointed at the moment.
  3. I think some bright spark must have thought: marketing the TA as a load of different units only confuses people and dilutes the TA brand. Let's keep it simple: there is one monolithic TA. Let's get them in to a TA site and then direct them to wherever is nearest.

    Never mind if that means that finding out about what the TA actually does is impossible on that site without handing over personal information first.

    Thank God for wikipedia.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    This is what happens when you have an organisation like RFCA - the paramilitary wing of Saga Holidays.

  5. Its out of date too. Some of the TAC's have been demolished and turned into housing :roll:
  6. I love the TA websites - count the number of weapons you can see on them. No really, it wont take you long! There seems an abhorance of showing men (and women) with weapons or discussing what it is the training is all about. There's more mention of military training on the ACF website!

    Oh and by the way www.ta.mod.uk doesnt exist any more. One army dontcha know!
  7. ta.mod.uk at least used to have sensible FAQs. armyjobs is full of 'wah wah wah'

    My favourite phrase is:
    "Sorry segeant, I feel a little inexperienced in these section attack thingies. How about I sit this firefight out, eh? Dont mind me, I'll be here when you get back from biffing those taliban"
  8. No surely they would only do this if they intended to completely reorganise the TA by forming it into large regional training centres where reservists could come to complete their MATTs with a smaller full time contingent; selling off all the TACs and getting rid of all personal kit so the TA became a simple pool of IRs with no career path to make up numbers for enduring ops.

    And that wouldn't happen unless they were only focused on the bottom line cost of everything.

    And that wouldn't happen unless they made a Treasury man the SoS for Defence.

    Oh, wait a minute...
  9. I am so glad its not just me who can see this on the horizon :(