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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Seeing how I took over another thread started by maguire, I thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread on the subject of rFactor. We seem to have quite a few hardcore F1 fans on here as well as several PC gaming fans. Why not join the two together with rFactor?

    Very quick rundown on what rFactor is.

    Q. What is it?

    A. A highly realistic racing sim

    Q. What can it do?

    A. It can be infinitely modded to have any car, any track from any era with on or offline play. It can be tuned to any level of realism you fancy. Its the car version of MS Flight Sim.

    Q. Where can I get it?

    A. Downloadable from rFactor
    For all your modding needs, http://www.rfactorcentral.com is the place to go (all free).

    Q. How much?

    A. Free downloadable demo giving you a couple of standard cars and tracks or £24 via paypal to download (or buy it on disc).

    Q. What system do you need?

    A. You will need a fairly sprightly system to run it. Amiga owners need not apply. I run it quite happily on a lap top (dualcore 2.3ghz, 512 meg graphic with a gig of memory).

    If you have a kicking PC, its the dogs bollox. You can even use a PS3 sixaxis controller on your PC too (with a little bit of free software).

    Some screen shots here.

    If you enjoy console racing sims or have ever played GT Legends, Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix series or just like ragging a car round a track, this sim is a MUST.

    I'm in no way affiliated to rFactor but its not a terribly well known sim. I only stumbled across it about 6 months ago by chance.

    Oh, you can download the Top Gear test track and drive virtually every single type of car The Stig has chucked round it. Great fun to compare your times. ;)
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    from the blu ray thread -

    quote="maguire"]ah, I'm just letting you win for now so you feel good about yourself. ;)

    edit - right, I've just ordered r factor off of Amazon (£15 posted for the new dvd as opposed to £25 for the download direct from rfactor for some reason). so as soon as I've had a fanny around with it we should get some races organised. and then wee can see if Flashy's mouth has been writing cheques his body can't cash. ;)[/quote]
  3. No idea why its cheaper?

    Ok, first challenge when you've got it, shitlips.

    Thruxton. Any F1 car from the 2007 season. Best lap. 52.23 secs. ;)
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    you're on, gripper.
  5. From the other thread,

  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    does anyone know if someone's done the 917K in John Wyer colours?? and the period Le Mans circuit??
  7. Dragged over from the BluRay thread;

    At present, there is only only complete 2009 mod and yes, I believe most of the cars are just fiddled with previous cars. Because of the huge amount of talented modders out there, I'd think that it wont be too long before a load of proper 09 cars are released. Give it a bit of time and more available phots and data for the cars and there will be a plethora of 09 models.

    If you're after great F1 cars, the best packages are;

    MMG 2007
    CTDP 2006
    FSONE 2007

    The MMGs are nails. Try driving the feckers with no traction!

    For tracks, just search around for the ones you want and lob them together for a season. You'll find tons of add-ons to tweek the sim. You can even have a realistic in-visor view, bugs an all.
  8. Feck me, must be solid without any driver aids. I'd be well off the pace.
    Downloading the demo now, hopefully this box of bolts will handle it.
  9. Matty, not sure where the screen shot of the Honda/Brawn liveried car came from but the latest 09 package has what appears to be the correct car;


    Its not the best looking model but its not just a reskin of the old Honda. I've just downloaded the package and all the cars are new 09 models. Someone is even working on a KERS! I've just done a few laps of Thruxton in Kovalainens MP4-24 and got a lap time of 54.51 secs. Its really nice to drive.....right up to the point where I converted it to kit form on the exit to the Club Chicane. My engine ended up in Tidworth 8O
  10. Look fantastic, i wouldn't mind giving the KERS a buzz myself. :eek:
    I fecked the demo download, so gonna have to give it another go.
    Sodding thing.
    I just blew my load over a Ferrari. :twisted:
    I am ordering that tonight.
    I bet they'll have the new Abu Dhabi and Donington tracks up soon aswell.
    Give the old MP4/4 a spin round Monaco.
  12. If you're having dramas downloading it, maguire says the disc is actually cheaper and you could have it in a day or two if you get it off Amazon.

    The great thing about rFactor is because of the huge following and the serious amounts of talented people doing mods, you can be sure every track and every car will be available very soon.
  13. Matty, you'll be pleased to know that not only does this 09 package have all this years cars but it also has all this years tracks too.....including Abu Dhabi. :D