RFA Fort Victoria disembarks pirates for prosecution in the Seychelles

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 31, 2012.

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  2. Well at least they are not coming to tower hamlets
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  3. It's a muslim country.... chop the theiving bastards hands off.
  4. RFA vessel engaged on anti-piracy operations carries out tasks related to that role.

    What a scoop!
  5. I think the Civil Servant that posts these up must be pissing themselves at some of the hysteria these produce (and yes I am guilty of it as well).
  6. Might have been cheaper for us, as I assume UK Gov bungs seychelles Gov to take skinnies and try them, if they had all "drown" whilst trying to escape.
  7. Dirty Pic ? I think the next one must be with a serious looking she-he wearing blue latex gloves and a man with hands tied behind his back whilst Errol Brown picks his nose.