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RFA Deck Officer cadet entry requirements?

Hello fellas!

I am currently looking to apply for a deck officer cadetship with the RFA, but I am a bit unsure about the entry requirements. The website states the following:

"For the HND route, you’ll need GCSEs or Scottish Standard grades or equivalent in maths, English physics or dual science to grade B or higher, plus at least two other GCSEs or Scottish Standard grades or equivalent at grade C or above. If you have qualifications equivalent to at least 150 UCAS points (ideally including physics or maths (or both)), we may offer you direct entry onto the foundation degree programme."

I don't have a B in A-level maths, but I do have more than 150 UCAS points. I also have three university degrees (albeit in completely irrelevant subjects), but I am not sure if i'd be eligible?

I rang the RFA up and asked, and a lady there told me she didn't know, so I asked on the live chat where I was told that it was absolutely impossible if I didn't have at least a B in a-level maths.

I thus have three quite different answers to my question, and I can't seem to get a straight answer anywhere. Any previous officer cadets (or someone else) here who could help me out?
Have you tried asking on RumRation as they have a thread for RFA and there may be more people on there who can answer?

RFA Thread
Well as an engineer I would say the only requirement needed is the ability to lick windows!

Frankly the people you will be talking to on the phone are call center people with no understanding, I was also told I couldn't be an Engine Cadet as I didn't have a standard grade 4 in French despite my engineering degree! Try to ask them for the number for the RFA recruiting cell at Captain Naval Recruiting, as when i talked to them that way they said yeas not to worry.

If you have no luck there ask here (or RUMRATION) and I or someone else might be able to help somemore.

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