RF Test Engineers, Hayes & Harlington area London

Vacancies for RF Test Engineers at a List X company. Ideally suited for ex Royal Signals Radio / Radio Relay Techies.

Brief overview as follows...

Carry out duties relating to the testing of High Voltage Switched Mode Power Supplies and Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers


1. To test Switch Mode Power supplies having output voltages of up to 35kV.
2. To be able to test to both commercial and military specifications as required
3. To test low voltage circuit and PCBs.
4. To fault find PCBs and Switch Mode Power Supplies down to component level
5. To carry out RF testing on S, C, X, Ku and millimetric band TWTs
6. To carry out tests on TWTAs of using Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analysers, RF Power Meters, RF Signal Generators, Pulse Generators etc.
7. To carry out Environmental Stress Screening tests, including vibration, altitude and operational temperature cycling
8. To carry out Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)
9. Measure RF Powers of up to tens of kW peak and hundreds of W average
10. Ensuring that activities are carried out in accordance with documented processes, specifications and quality requirements.
11. To maintain adequate records
12. Determine own work timetable within constraints of agreed schedules
13. To ensure that all manufacturing related activities conform to Health and Safety requirements
14. To ensure working areas, plant, tools and test equipment are kept tidy, safe, maintained and calibrated.
15. To provide work instructions when required
16. To be able to supervise staff when required
17. To fulfil any task as reasonably requested by your manager or team leader


1. Familiarity with analogue circuits especially switch-mode PSU’s as well as high power RF test methods and equipment

2. Must be able to build and debug analogue and digital circuit breadboards

3. Knowledge of military or aerospace standards and test processes

4. Excellent communication skills will be needed as well as being a team player

5. Have or have had a recent Security Clearance.

Please PM me for contact details and further information.
Won't get a company car as a bench engineer, salary is subject to experience etc. Normal situation I'm afraid.

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