Reynold Boughton, any experience/thoughts


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Gimp, use the search, I recall a thread on these and they are reported to be shite and hard to get parts. Withams are giving one away with very low miles and it's got a box body.
I wouldn't touch one with yours... They are a truly dreadful 'variant' and there's a reason why the army has got rid of them.

Mate, they are far beyond fooking rubbish.Avoid at all costs. Badly built,over complicated unreliable pieces of dog toffee.
Changed a gearbox on one after it had done 18K. It was fooking epic. Cab off and everything. Pish.
Werent they RB44's

Steering was a nightmare and when doing anything with the brakes you would have it pulling one way one test then the next brake test it would do completely the opposite. It has to be in my TOP 3 WORST buys the Army has ever got...unreliable and who ever pocketed the money to get these in service needs a good kicking.

It is in doubt a pile of poo.and that did go down on my 932 Inspection report on one Annual back in the 90's


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This is a bit biased.....weve had all the good points on that thread so we ned some impartial views to slate it as I can't remember it ever being that good.

Ps the Pinz is quite a good vehicle that may do what you require.....or go bigger and get a MJ Bedford
Bigger? He's got a Ural!
Drove one in Gib, noisy, tinny, and strangely unwieldy for its size. Avoid. There used to be a wedge parked up at Chelsea Barracks.
So even if he got the one in the link at a knock down price it's still a no?
I avoid withams like the plague, heard many a story of how vehicles come with various shit ripped out of them, definitely a matter of getting up there and checking the condition of the vehicle you want to buy. They have a wolf ambulance on aat the moment that appears to have superfical body damage, but looking in the cab its stripped right out (and not carefully)

I spotted these at my friendly (If expensive) local LR man

Cheaper, less miles and you could still probably get some money off em and they'd be running when you bought them.

TBH I want another V8 127 ambulance, but they are hard to find as campervan cnuts always want to put a diesel engine in to make them more efficient
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