REX, the infantrymans new best friend?


IAI Introduces REX, an Infantry Friendly Robot

IAI has unveiled today a compact unmanned ground robotic vehicle designed to support infantry units in combat. The platform, dubbed REX has a useful payload of 200 kg (450 lb), providing logistical sustainment for an infantry team or squad (3-10 soldiers) over a 72 hours mission. IAI expects the international market for such products will evolve over the next years, developing a demand for tens of thousands of units for military and civilian applications

REX is designed with a level of sensing, situational awareness, and machine intelligence to apply a level of autonomy allowing the robot to follow a designated soldier at a constant distance. Each of the team members can control the robot without being distracted from the mission at hand. The key to this capability is the unique man-machine command interface patented by IAI. The REX control system is derived from dog training. The robot is trained to follow specific commands such as 'stop!', 'fetch!' and 'heel!' enabling the robot operator to stay focused on the mission while commanding the robot to perform the tasks within the level of autonomy it is assigned for. According to Ofer Glazer, head of innovation at IAI, "Controlling the robot in this way allows for intuitive interaction and rapid integration of the product on the field within a short time

Nice idea, but what happens when the bad guys figure out the words of command and start yelling ‘here boy’ and ‘who’s a good little robot. Yes you are.’
or you could just buy a mule about as useful and if it goes vor are you shoot it and get at least a curry out of it :twisted:

donkey version for the cav obviously and the LT gets someone to help them with difficult questions :twisted:
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