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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by taz0427, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone joined the rewardsforforces website, backed by the Sun?

    I did at a cost & initially thought it a good idea, however I had some doubts as to how easy it could be obtained & in fact was offered immediately cards for family, also at a reduced cost. I contacted Rewards for Forces & the previous site called Discounts for Forces run by the MOD almost two months ago to view my concern & have to date had no reply.

    I have now had a fair chance to look at all the offers & had some surprising results.

    I would like to hear anyone's experience of this site if any?
  2. My wife, who is self-employed, was approached by an organisation who were purporting to represent the Police Federation, and wanted to offer her the opportunity to have her business included in a brochure much like the Forces Discount brochure. What they wanted from her was that she pay a not inconsiderable sum of money to them for inclusion in the brochure, plus she would have to offer a discount, and the sums involved meant that she would be unlikely to recoup her initial outlay. To me, this is little more than a money-making scheme run for the benefit of the producers of the brochure, and the fact that it appears to be all about discounts is really just a smokescreen.
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  3. Hi yes this is the website, it seems all above board what with The Sun backing it & the MOD transfering their discount site to it, but I am not too impressed as the discounts involve phoning 0845 numbers & you can get similar discounts free from online sources, have you tried it?
  4. I've just been spammed by them too. Are they legit? Looks a bit dubious to me.
  5. Backed by the Sun? And that makes it legit. FFS they backed Tony Blair and look where that got us. As dodgy as an Arab in pumps.
  6. All these discount sites are about generating cash. The majority of the time you'll save much more by shopping around.
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  7. Shit Haiku.
  8. Will they get me a pony?
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  9. I recently attempted to use this site to book a hire car in Verona.

    Luckily for me my card details did not work and then when I went direct to the sponsored company's website I got the same car significantly cheaper by not using the discount code.
  10. Why the heck would you want a Discount pony?
    I am having really perverted thoughts.
  11. Think of the benefits. The little ****** would only have one leg and not be able to get out of the back garden without help.

    Them nettles would be gone in no time. If it touches my honeysuckle though, it gets a stick to the back of the head and nightnight.

    No-one fucks with my honeysuckle. Not even ponies.
  12. Yes, but only if you stay awake more than 8 hours a day
  13. There is a downside to getting a one legged pony.

  14. Like that's going to happen.

    I'm off school for a reason.

    Some people call it lazyitus. I prefer to call it "**** off, I don't feel well;"
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  15. I thought it's because you're a raging alcoholic with the body weight of my penis.