Rewarding PFT passes

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. A bit suprised to find that one unit is giving

    Sig/LCpl/Cpl – 3 day’s pay. Sgt/SSgt
    - 2 day’s pay. WOs/Offrs – 1 day’s pay.

    Anyone else doing this?
  2. Someone's getting extra pay for passing the mandatory basic fitness test?? That's rediculous!
  3. Although I think the idea is unbelieveable, I also think they've got the increments the wrong way around!
  4. Isn't that mis-appropriation of funds?

    Or falsifying records, "we'll book you in for three days you din't do if you pass"

    Sounds very dodgy.
  5. How about - Pass the mandatory test or collect your P45?
  6. We are allocated 1/4 MTD per week, which cannot be counted towards Bounty qualification, for the purposes of individual PT. Whilst, obviously, this has to be run on an honour basis, if one fails to pass a PFT every quarter then the privilege is withdrawn.

    I’d have thought that 3 MTDs for a pass was, ‘unusual’, but a quick adding up suggests that the outcome is the same: one MTD per month, just without the requirement to do the phys (which would then appear to make it fraudulent misappropriation).
  7. Here here! If you can't pass the BFT/PFT/whatever they call it now?!?! Then you're a waste of rations and skin and shouldn't be wearing green!
  8. I get 3 days pay for a PFT.

    2 days to run it and one day to recover! :p

  9. Ahem, just runthat by me again, incase Im having a brain fart, there is a unit giving cash rewards for its members that pass a MATT????
  10. Considering there have been posts on here talking about units being capped at 32 days etc, this is boll ocks. If the useless cu nts can't pass basic fitness kick them out and shut whatever sh ite unit it is, down.

    Q. Have I just gone off on one?
  11. I think its reasonable, soldiers who have done extra training in their own time get rewarded for their efforts. Guess its easier than reimbursing Gym membership (although it should be the same reward for all ranks).
  12. Ive read it all now. Surely if you want to do the TA thing you sought of know that fitness comes into it. Same as I dont always have the opportunity to do phys at work so I do it in my own time, because my job requires it. Getting paid to pass a MATT is just farcical. What next, pass your APWT and recieve argos vouchers??
  13. 'Extra' training?! The PFT is a minimum standard so why would you need to do extra training to pass that? It requires no special or additional facilities to undertake (as doing the APWT or other MATTs do) - there are plenty of threads giving advice on keeping fit without the need for gyms or personal trainers. Paying people for passing what is a basic requirement to be in the TA is the start of a slippery slope towards lower standards and will only give further ammunition to those who argue against the One Army concept.
  14. Sorry mate I don't think it reasonable. Because some people will exploit it.
    No its not on. Do your fitness in your own time its not just the TA who benefits from you being fit is it.
  15. I always thought that was what the Bounty was for, rewarding those who meet the minimum standard. Do those people who claim this also forfeit their Bounty?

    Achieving a minimum standard of fitness shouldn't be rewarded at all, and IMO shouldn't be classed as 'extra training'. Extra training would be something outside your role, fitness is basic for all soldiers.

    This sort of thing is what gives the TA a bad name.