Reward over explosive train stunt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gun_Nut, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. The fact that the rolling stock is marked up with HAZMAT signs wasn't a give-away then.

    Next they will be telling us that military vehicles carrying explosives regularly drive up and down the A34 and M40.
  2. Didn't the MoD "lose" a train of munitions a few years back?

    Trucks with artillery shells in a siding for six months rings a bell, not traced as value below £120k or something.........
  3. Apparently in Florida a few years ago they were clearing a rail yard when they opened up a set of wagons that had been there for ages. Apparently it was full of supplies from the Spanish American war of 1898!
  4. Sh1T that's given the game away!
  5. How else do these people think we can move munitions around? Do they think there is a gang of Chinese coolies who work through the night ferrying them around on their backs or something?
  6. Bang the buggers up - a hoax is still a hoax whether you're a journo or not...

    or make them try the same stunt at an airport and dont let them go until "stubby" has done a full internal search.
  7. What a non-story. The next thing you know, they'll be planting fake bombs on unattended fuel trucks to highlight the lack of security on these. What a low life the railway worker was.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Good job we don't move 'special nuclear materials' and stuff around the country by truck, then:

    Again, how else are we expected to move the damn things? Another non-story from the Mirror, unforgetable as the home of the fake photo and Piers Morgan.
  9. Can you imagine if somebody actually shot one of these Journos breaking in somewhere? Headline maybe:

    "Security Absolutely Tip Top at XXX Depot - from our Special Correspondent somewhere in Hell!)
  10. Afghanistan? That'll be one of those new "Land Ships" then?

    Where do they get these dipsticks from?
  11. So, in the same 24 hour period, the Mirror informs us that 2 vandals were killed whilst trespassing on the tracks in East London, and then goes onto allow 2 of its journalists (I use the expression with some caution) to trespass on the tracks at Didcot, for an absolutely none-story.

    No doubt the Mirror woud say the Didcot story was in the public interest.

    Is that really the best that they can do?

    The fcuking joke of this, is that there are so many stories that if covered properly by the Mirror (instead of just taking and printing what's on the Reuters feed), would probably win the paper acolades and support.

    All it would require is good journalism.
  12. My bold, isn't that a bit of an oxymoron when mentioned in the same passage as the Mirror?
  13. Ah, the flaw in my masterplan - let's hope nobody from the Mirror is picking up on this. There again, oxymoron, will have them puzzled for hours!
  14. It wouldnt of had to of been a railway employee. quite often trainspotters (neds/gricers) and their secret info network know which trains are due where, being pulled by engine number XXXXX, when I used to man a B.R help-point they often used to call and ask me about services I had no idea were even running, If only we could get more of them to work for the railways we might start getting some trains running on time!

    Mind you, whoever it was who sold the story is still a judas cnut.