Reward For Tony Blairs Arrest

Dunno if this should be in the Naafi bar or here :lol:

A website offering a reward to people who try to arrest former Prime Minister Tony Blair for alleged "crimes against peace"

The website, called Arrest Blair, was launched on January 25 - just four days before he was due to give evidence to the Chilcott inquiry into the Iraq war.

It was created by writer George Monbiot, an environmental and political activist who has a weekly column in The Guardian newspaper.

Launching the website, he wrote: "We must show that we have not, as Blair requested, 'moved on' from Iraq, that we are not prepared to allow his crime to remain unpunished."

The website stipulates the citizen's arrest must be peaceful and that anyone attempting it will be paid a quarter of the money donated - currently just over £9,200.

Nice way to make some money for the website
These people want to see peace,they'll soon see the peace in that Iraqi's can solve their problems through civil government now instead of an authoritarian system.

This war didn't need to be fought,but it doesn't mean Blair should be made a criminal for getting rid of Saddam and his sons.IMHO

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