Revolving Wheel Cap Badge

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by OP_ACK, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. Gents

    I have been asked to confirm whether the revolving wheel cap badge was ever an issue item? or was it only private purchase and never part of dress regulations?

  2. Some issue staybrite jobbys wheels spin, not sure if thats by design or the fact they are a piece of shiiite
  3. Think the wheel barrow type larger badge on my service dress hat had a spinning wheel, however I cant confirm this as I last saw it after passing out from JLRRA Goschen Parade and throwing it up in the air with the rest of the intake behind the wall, I never managed to catch it and have never needed /worn one since, although i will no doubt be billed when I shortly finish my sentence.......... :(
  4. I have a brass cap badge with a revolving wheel. It's a King George number though, so fairly old in capbadge terms. I believe they were issue once upon a time.
  5. OP_ACK, let me get my anorak on and I'll give you a quote from a book on cap badges, Military Badge Collecting by John Gaylor. "...The badge did not apear with Queen Victoria's Crown but came into use in 1902, changing after the second world war to a smaller pattern for the beret; in 1954 the crown changed to Queen's Crown for both sizes. There are inumerable canteen stories to account for badges with or without a moving wheel but there is apparently no distinction in having this..."

    So yes it was issued at one time, generally before and during the early part of the First World War, war economies saw the demis of the separate wheel, though numbers of them continued to be worn.

    Hope this helps

  6. There is a Market in Islington on a Saturday and all it sells is medals and cap badges, I got my last one there. They also do collar dogs and other brass bits and bobs.