Revolver by Guy Ritchie - can anyone explain it to me?

i am going to post this in both the arty-farty section (for serious answers) and the naafi bar (for pisstakes and amusing jokes about explaining the workings of the pistol / history of the beatles album)

i have just watched Revolver, Guy Ritchie's offering from 2005. i was a big fan of lock stock, and snatch. fantastic films.

i got to the end of Revolver and my reaction was: "what the f*ck was that all about!??!"

i do not mind admitting that i have not got a clue what the story was "really" about. it seems to have stolen ideas from Usual Suspects (some mysterious Kayser Soze supercriminal, who you never see, called Mr Gold); Fight Club (schizophrenic character); and Memento (just being totally confused about what the f*ck is going on).

by the end of this, i am not clear on what the "ending" means. is Mr Green supposed to be somebody else too? is he even out of prison? did / do the two cellmates even exist? was Mr Green supposed to be all three of the central characters, and they are other parts of his personality? what the f*ck was it all about?!?!??!?

i mean, i am quite capable of understanding films usually. i even understood back to the future 2 :)

but this one has me totally baffled. i can understand simple things like the guy getting his hand nailed to a table, a nice trollop flashing her knickers and sucking a lollipop, and a balding, middle-aged, bespectacled assassin going around shooting bad guys through walls (and was he a sideways ripoff of the Hitman series of games...? or just a blatant attempt to produce a cult character by introducing the most uncool / geeky assassin ever? :))

i honestly do not have a clue about the reality. can someone give me a "spoiler" or idiots guide? i mean - crying game? chick is a bloke. fight club? he is both people all along. usual suspects? mong is kayser soze. memento? he really is a killer. they were good twists and made the films very watchable.

but you have to UNDERSTAND the twists to get any enjoyment out of the film, surely... :?

can anyone shed any light?
The secret is in that the writer/director is in a bind of his own making while flavour of the month he married a pathologically competitive wife, who bullied him into another attempt at film stardom –swept away which came close to finishing his career.

Revolver is his attempt to show himself as a cerebral film maker as opposed to a well connected toff who was in the right time right place with his first film (excellent) and good enough with his second. It does not work because the script is rubbish and his skill are not yet developed enough to make it work.

So in answer to your question, don't worry its not you its just sh1te

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