Revolting Students Part II

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 24, 2010.

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  1. Any sightings of the unwashed hoards?
    I was due to see a chap in London today.He called last night to say he was staying at home,"in case it all kicks off"
  2. Well its a bit early for most students

    Give it till 15:00 :)
  3. Looks like they have woken up early and starting to gather in London
  4. Students are attacking a police van in Whitehall(Beeb).
  5. I'm in Liverpool & there's hundreds of the soap dodging cnuts being chased around the streets by plod. Takes me back to NI training & rubber bricks. Anyone got a spare maraklon shield & dick gun?

    Do we have a Pig sat in someones lock up we can get going with a shove or two?
  6. That fire extinguisher chucking waste of oxygen in the news looks like an extra from the Hobbit village (The Shire??) in Lord of the Rings
  7. Lets do the job properly and send in 2 para. :nod:
  8. What's wrong? Sent all your claymores to the 'Stan?
  9. Saw them on Sky News attacking and trashing a police van (that for some reason had been abandoned)

    Nothing a volley of CS gas, rubber bullets, watercannons and a mounted charge couldn't have sorted though.
  10. Don't think it was abandoned - just a bloody stupid place to leave two Transits parked up, right where you are kettling. Maybe they were iffy vehicles and some bright copper hit on a way to justify getting two working replacements. Certainly going to need a bit of a respray...
  11. True, but then we'd have a never ending outrage bus trip to contend with. The angst over Sgt smellie slapping that harpy during the G20 was bad enough. Imagine if some student got malleted by a baton round?

    Never mind Balthazar will be here soon to tell us it's ok for the students to smash london up as "it's only a bit of glass" or similar bollocks.
  12. As this is the NAAFI we are allowed some out of the box suggestions with regards to crowd control!

    I'd read the riot act to the gathering, then send the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment at them, with sabres drawn and buglers sounding the charge.
  13. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    Only after blocking off all the exits these overgrown schoolchildren might try and use to run away.
  14. Simples answer for the great unwashed layabouts that are kicking off. Water cannon with red dye in it. Spray over revolting timewasters. Wait outside students union over the next fortnight and pick them up 1 at a time.
    Then apply the jump leads to various parts of body.
  15. I've had a shit week with some bad family news and I'd be more than happy to pick up a helmet and a baton and wade into some students at the moment...idle feckers...