Revisiting UK's national security strategy report


Well somebody must have thought it a good time to drop this on the new PM

What delightful conclusions:

"The long-term plan for defence set by the Government in 2015 was never affordable.

It relied instead on the “alchemy” of unidentified efficiencies and on a misplaced optimism about the financial risks involved.

Some of those risks are now materialising, at a cost to the Government of £1.8 billion so far. This is unlikely to be the final price of what we were advised was the “collective self-delusion” that prevailed in 2015."

Revisiting the UK’s national security strategy: The National Security Capability Review and the Modernising Defence Programme - Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy - House of Commons
Treasury has stupid rules, MoD can't run a project, politicians make vague promises that mean nothing, this is news because.................
Prediction - nothing will change the delusion and incompetance will continue.

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