Revision for the Electronics Tech. course.

Discussion in 'REME' started by Garioch, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. Hopefully, with all going well at selection on Wednesday, I will be joining as an Electronics Technician. When speaking to one of the Majors at the recruitment office, he said that due to my qualifications I could be fast-tracked through phase 2, skipping some of the modules.

    I accept that there are a few things on the course that they don't teach at civilian universities, and I'm also a bit pressed for time to cover the whole of my course. So I'm basically asking what I should concentrate on to help me prepare as much as possible?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Sorry to burst your bubble mate but I've never heard of anyone being fast tracked through Basic Electronics (and there was a guy on my course with an electronic engineering degree), I would concentrate on Maths first, I would recommend "Mathematics for Technicians" by Greer and Taylor for a start. Hope that helps, good luck
  3. Perhaps I will be the first? :)

    The REME Major I spoke to seemed to think that there would be a number of modules I could skip. Even if I don't pass the course quicker than the rest of the guys, it would make more sense to be doing additional training rather than sitting in a classroom bored out my mind with stuff that I already know.

    I've got Engineering Mathematics and Further Engineering Mathematics both by Stroud but with both being over 1000 pages, I reckon there's a few bits I can skip over. Obviously I'll need all the basic algebra, trigonometry, cartesian geometry, differentiation and integration. Will I need stuff like matrices, complex numbers, Laplace transforms, probability and statistics?

  4. You can have all the qualifications you can buy, mate, you'll still need some common dog to get on in REME. Do the 8 month course, make some mates who'll you'll know for the rest of your career, get pi**ed in Wokingham and Reading and stag on at West Court. Or you could bu**er off back north of the border. Your choice.
  5. I know of two people who told they could be fast tracked. Guess what, didn't happen! Take the advice of people in this thread - do the full course and get to know the people on your course. They'll thank you if you can use your knowledge to help get them through.

    As for the revision, you'll need all the mathematics you mentioned, although mostly for later on the class 1 course. Won't hurt you to keep on top of it all though.
  6. There is a way of being fast tracked but I believe it is only for CF and TF Maths. You just have to sit the exams, pass them and got straight to Aircraft or BE course.
  7. Yeah all of those apart from Laplace, you touch on it on your class 1 and then hit it hard on your tiffy course.

    Like what everyone says, you will have to do the full basic course. We've had many many people with degree's coming through that still have to do the course. We have people who have passed certain modules on various stages that if they cant complete the course for some reason they have to start over.

    Guess its called character building eh.
  8. Why would you be pressed for time, you've joined the Army and will be on phase 2 Trg like the rest of your course. Are you special?
  9. Well my mum thinks I'm special...

    Thanks for the answers everyone, I guess that I could have worded my initial post a bit better, but I didn't really expect to be missing modules and being separated from the rest of the folk on the course. The guy at the recruitment office mentioned missing some of the classes but still doing the exams so I was just wondering what these classes would be.
  10. Some conflicting advice there, to be sure!

    It is possible to fast-track through the School. But it depends on your qualifications, on your performance in every examination, and whether the courses in front of your original course have vacancies into which you can slip, if necessary. They usually do, because of the high failure rate, but sometimes they don't have spaces and there may not be enough classroom equipment available!

    Make certain that you have your certificates with you on Day 1 in the School. Then speak to the ASM.

  11. And if the ASM can't help or seems unreasonable feel free to go over his head to the OC
  12. An unreasonable ASM?

    In your dreams!


    Or worst nightmares....
  13. What's all that about then? Lighten up fella, the worst we had ( And before anyone starts I went through brats) Was a guy we all called gooky Ken screaming on to us about BODMAS whilst swiping a f'kin great bamboo cane above our heads and Boolean algebra, trig was only taught so you could set up sloping wire antenna arrays, in todays army surely thats none applicable. as for whatever else your on about there, skip the army mate unless you have a deep seated reason you want to join. The Army is fantastic, The Government are not and with knowledge you have go earn some decent coin in civvy street and stop another Slovakian getting your job! (oops sorry ,off now)
  14. My advice, dont join as a tech. Your not joining the army your joining a lit bubble within the army. Stay in civi street and earn more money and have a better life
  15. And your knowledge of life is??????????????