Revision for joining the Household Cavalry.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 03oldreyd, Mar 18, 2011.

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  2. That looks very comprehensive and top marks for forward planning. However, don't appear to have included 'polishing', which I believe HCR take quite seriously.
  3. note their military history aswell chap,
  4. especially their charge at waterloo, sergeant charles ewart of the scots greys, part of the household divisoon, captured the colour of the french 45th regiment of the line, a pretty impressive feat of arms, there peninsula record was pretty impressive aswell
  5. Yes it was very impressive but ensign Ewart wasn't household cavalry
  6. he was a sergeant when he captured the standard, got a field promotion after the capture, im pretty sure the scots greys are part of household division?, if im mistaken then i learned it wrong and i apologise
  7. The Household Division comprises the two regiments of the Household Cavalry - the Life Guards and the Blues & Royals - and the five regiments of Foot Guards.

    Hence the motto: Septem Juncta in Uno :nod:
  8. Pretty sure that the Greys were part of the Union Brigade at Waterloo, along with some Irish and Welsh Regiments. Of course that will all have changed now, and I couldn't off the top of my head tell you whose ORBAT they're on presently.
  9. The Scots Greys became The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Both SCOTSDG and HCR are part of the RAC but are 2 seperate regiments each with their own history and battle honours.
    The HCR have a long and distinguised history. Dating back to 1660 when the Life Guards were formed. Making them the Oldest unit in the British Army and also the most senior.
  10. Actually:

    The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), once known as the Royal Regiment of Foot, was the oldest, and therefore most senior, regiment of the line in the Army having been raised in 1633.
  11. so what armour does the scots dg use today?, challengers?, scims?, both or other?
  12. Correct, 2 Eagles were captured at waterloo, the Royal Dragoons (now HCR) captured the 105th standard and the Royal North British Dragoons (now SCOTSDG) Captured the 45th standard. Both Regimnents faught at Waterloo as part of the Union Brigade
  13. In Normal role they are a MBT regiment so Challenger 2 with a recce troop in CVR(t). At the moment they are re-roled for Afghanistan with the new vehicles.
  14. does anyone know the whereabouts of these eagles?, including the one captured at barrosa?, it would be amazing to see them, but i hear one got nicked and its location is unknown