Revised Moderation Guidelines - Please Read!

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After in-depth discussion between Davros and myself we have agreed on the following moderation guidelines for the Int Corps board, which are as follows:

1. The Int Corps board is primarily intended for members of the Intelligence Corps, past and present. Guests are more than welcome to join in the discussions, but pointless slagging of the glorious Int Corps will be deleted.

2. No real names of serving or past members of the Intelligence Corps who aren't already in the public eye should be used and neither should they be identified in other ways, including nicknames and initials.

3. UNCLASSIFIED information only. Use your common sense! This is one of the few internet sites where intelligence personnel post in public and it is constantly monitored, not least by senior members of the Corps.

4. The Moderators' decisions are final. We will generally inform posters by PM if we decide to edit or delete a post. Discussions on the moderators' decisions should be conducted by PM. If you disagree with what we have done feel free to PM Good_CO or Bad_CO, or send an email to
Not open for further replies.

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