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Revised hand-washing advice


Book Reviewer
Picking up dog do everyday, One has to wash ones hands rigorously every day to the tune Happy unbirthday to me as it isn't my Birthday yet- but I'll catch you up. HBD
Happy birthday.
But are you of an age now where you must stay indoors for your own safety, sat in your armchair in front of the TV smelling faintly of cabbages?
Thank you.

No, not just yet. That lifestyle is purely voluntary.


Book Reviewer
Apologise to Puttees for messing up his thread. Forgiveness is amber in colour and comes in pint glasses, I'm told.

Ah, I see. Moved on from yellow handbags now has it?


Before you get the ditty, what kind of cake did you bring us?

This one


Oh and Happy Birthday Putees.

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