Reviews of Terrorism Acts

The duty went to an independent barrister from Lord Carlile QC a couple of years ago.

In the report I am preparing there is a Kent Timeline starting 1970. Numbered paragraphs that are thought by me to have significance are emboldened. And those numbered paragraphs that feature one particular Kent police officer as case officer or an officer who exercised influence are colour coded red.

There were 57 numbered paragraphs taking the timeline from 1970 to 1999. Then someone contacted me.

So I had to go back to 1979/1980 and revise the timeline. There is no doubt that a right wing group was established and receiving visits from European fellow travellers. Perhaps VMO. The English group featured two speakers of German who would converse in German with the European visitors. I have statements of evidence from people who observed this.

I have mentioned or rather pitched that Marines, full of their ju jitsu BS, worked a club door at Margate. Probe 7 Security of Deal which does not appear to have a matching Ltd company record. I have mentioned that the Marines as bouncers were about as much use as tits on a bull.

One of the English Nazi group was a Kent Special constable. He appears to have "Left" police after the death of his wife and HM Coroner catching him out fibbing at the 1979 inquest. It is not known by me when his mate quit as a Special constable or was sacked.

At some point the ex Special tried his hand working the club door alongside the Marines from Deal. So clearly the man with the European nazi connections got to know about the "Commandokwai" running at Deal Barracks. BEFORE the appearance of Lucien OTT at the "CTT" ???

So at about the time the sainted OTT is appearing Blighty side what else was happening ? Well members of 6th Thanet Gun Range admit that a renegade section established in their club from 1981.

And at the same time Kent's own private military cadet forces were created. Dubbed "The Hitler Youth" by the real Kent ACF who had a reporting procedure to avoid association with Kent Adventure Training Corps.

The ex special constable, European Nazi connected would be bouncer, became an adult leader of a troop of the private military cadets. And his fellow leaders included Clive (associate of James Shortt) and Lloyd (Deal Barracks Reliance guard with iffy REME Record 1988/89)

So I am saying that it may be that Shortt did not go forth to find his story. The story went forth and found him. The next thing he tried his hand at was TA SAS. Failed etc. The ex Specia/wannabee bouncer tried his hand at TA REME and failed his trade test but appears to have stayed on in TA at Ashford as a driver. And this failed tradesman may have perhaps come to the attention of Templar barracks or, like Shortt with SAS, walted that he was with Templar Barracks. It may be this time when ex special started "Undercover" missions to Ulster and Ireland. In 1985 he transferred to HSF where he joined his former ex Kent special constable colleague. And shortly after that 20 men in the HSF were duped into believing they had enlisted as honorary members of UDR and began their "Undercover missions". Eventually being arrested by Kent Police whilst training (Mission preparation after a series of "Bottle run" recce missions allegedly involving establishing a bridgehead/kidnap bug out point in an apple orchard in Louth) on land at Broad Oak.

I don't know whether the undercover budget at MOD was like but perhaps the top secret missions helped a bit on budget demands by just happening to train on land belonging to a tory cllr chum of the ex special/wannabee bouncer/Hitler Youth leader.

Operational security for the undercover work was so good it took the local RN Auxiliary about a week to get the hump about stories the HSF (who used the same RBL) were copping an extra £40 a week for doing undercover work. So RN Auxiliary promptly wrote to MOD asking if they could cop £40 a week extra too for joining in. Dinghy and canoe skills and all sorts.

Presumably an MOD civil servant thought WTF ! And replied that if the HSF men were getting £40 a week it was not from public funds. It appears that the HSF men decided after the arrests not to pursue their demand for the £40 a week they had been promised (It had never been paid).

Round about 1986 it seems that the group of HSF men lacked explosives expertise (Presumably not trusting the Deal Barracks consultancy service in this regard). And so an approach to Kent miners ensued. A plan is gelling. Co-opt those lads and we dig under the border and bingo the old Messines Ridge trick. Wallop right under the target in County Louth.

lord knows what was going through their heads. They were after all ex Kent special constables running the show.

In the imaginary garden, chaps, never fail to seek the real toad.

The ex Special constable's German speaking nazi chum... a service engineer and shop steward at a backup generator manufacturer. Our alleged saboteur. Whatever went on in his maths graduate head his sabotage ability was sophisticated and allegedly prolific. But in a notoriously unreliable area of engineering his alleged sabotage was trees here and there in a forest. Or perhaps that was what he banked on ?

Wouldn't it at least be re-assuring if we knew whether MI5 had a man on them ? I bet such a fellow would have been chewing feathers that we couldn't simply swing a few nazis and a Kent Chief constable or two (Pour encourager les autres)

what about some recommendations to change the law of statutory duties to report? So BB has to scribble a report with his crayons. Can it be right that Scotland, for example, had to rely on an English County Force (Ssssh you know which one) for safety and security of its nuclear plant (Dounreay and Hunterston B). No surely not. So we need to create a statutory duty on all police to report on in their turn to establish external monitor of their response to statutory and common law duties to report from public and public bodies. Will the recommendation become law in the fullness of time ?

One Duties to the Realm Act that ends individual forces being the end of the statutory reporting chain but just one link.

And all duties to report incorporated into one act which resurrects the necessity for Crown authority to bear arms. Which resurrects Misprision of Felony into statute (An idea I stole off an Arrser Thanks) And which takes equal billing in civil process with Human Rights Act. And equal billing in civil administration with Crime and Disorder Act 1998. Such that human rights begin to be balanced by human responsibilities.

It has been interesting. May I wish you all well. Goodbye.
Have we got a forum called "The Tedious Stupidity Cell"? 'Cause this thread really needs a more appropriately named home.
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Interesting, huh?
But not as interesting as I've found putting the big peppery cress in my egg mayo sandwich makes me fart.
could ANYONE be bothered to read past line3????

Oh and im having chips for tea but i dont know what with !!
I've tried to re-read this post three times with the help of expresso, my glasses and half a pack of Regals and I still can't find a cogent thread to follow .TBH I can't even identify any of the points you are trying to make, BB.
Can you re post with a few less clues and try to tie your conclusions to an initial subject? I'm just not bright enough to unravel your intended meaning.


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i've tried to re-read this post three times with the help of expresso, my glasses and half a pack of regals and i still can't find a cogent thread to follow .tbh i can't even identify any of the points you are trying to make, bb.
Can you re post with a few less clues and try to tie your conclusions to an initial subject? I'm just not bright enough to unravel your intended meaning.

"move away from the crack pipe bb-and put down the turps bottle or you will be tasered "
There's a pub nearby said todo a decent Sunday lunch, might try it. Hope the gravy is nice.


Thank god that at last, somebody has had the guts to publish some stuff that mentions the Kent Police.

I think we'll all be better off for reading that.
Just had a good, proper, fry up here. Finding decent pig scab can be a bit of a problem, but when you do it makes things soooo much better.

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I'm off to the pub for dinner.

Should I opt for the traditional roast beef or maybe go for the pork or chicken?


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I'm off to the pub for dinner.

Should I opt for the traditional roast beef or maybe go for the pork or chicken?
Surely you mean "luncheon"?

I'd go for the pork with decent crackling and all the trimmings.
I just had a 4 egg omelette with cheese and ham.

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