Reviews: Anyone doing New Vegas?


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Is anyone preparing a review for the new Fallout? I'll likely do one for PS3 over next week, but since it's a cross-platform thing (and likely to be popular) I figure I'm probably not the only one. Is anyone interested in a collaborative review?


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What kind of time scale are you looking at Bruno? I'm happy to do the 360 version but have only just got it. Bang me a PM if you want to talk specifics.



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I'll start writing mine up over the next week I reckon, then I'll let you have a look and we can move from there while you get stuck into it a bit more.


I had considered writing a PS3 one but if you're doing it then I'll leave you to it, let me know if you want any third party input though.
X-Box: Just a few comments, feels a lot like Red Dead Redemption (RDR) meets Fallout 3. Same background scenery as RDR, you also have to gather plants to make 'stuff'. A bit more thinking than going around just blasting things. Some of the building layouts are the same as Fallout 3 although with some different furniture added. Been playing for about a week now and enjoying myself.
I love the PC version. Its one of the best games i have played this year.
I love the PC version. Its one of the best games i have played this year.
Yup, the way the dog walks aroun dwith both eyes hanging out to one side is really endearing :)

Once the bugs have been reduced I might get stuck but I'm too involved with Fallen Earth which does things better.
Fallout New Vegas PC is very buggy at the moment.

I started off with the common problem that the NPCs are mute, even though other game sounds work ok (I have Win 7 Pro 32, which is completely updated for all drivers). I read all of the solutions that people posted on various forums, but found that none of them applied to my set-up. Strangely, after the fourth or fifth time I restarted the computer following installation - the NPC sound suddenly worked (although I still can't add or remove headphones mid-game without deleting the sound).

Lots of other silly bugs, like NPCs vanishing yet leaving their weapons suspended in mid-air and un-grabbable.

Still quite a good game. I enjoy being able to roam the landscape without triggering any of the quests, thus being able to build up cash/weapons/xp.
Been playing Fallout New Vegas on PS3 , completed it in hardcore mode this weekend ! Has plenty of bugs but none unsurmountable for such a great type of free roaming game, though not as free roaming at Fallout 3. You tend to get channeled to easily down the main storyline in New Vegas. Tried to start off a "bad character" game by going north from Goodsprings to join the Khans. Too many nasty creatures that way, hard to kill cazadores or death claws, when you are only level two !

Managed to get my sniper follower killed inside the Tops, when I left the building I was returned his weight 8 sniper rifle and a second sniper beret . But I could not drop, sell or select either... Shame

Note to self. Must get out more now.

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