Review: Why The Japanese Lost by Bryan Perrett


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Review: Why The Japanese Lost by Bryan Perrett


Subtitled ‘The Red Sun’s Setting’, this book sets out to determine the reasons behind Japan’s defeat in World War Two. The author, describes the development of Japan from a medieval samurai culture to being able to wage an expansionist war with relatively modern naval forces.

[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin="1781591989"]Basing my expectations on the title, the dust jacket’s pictures and the publisher’s précis, I was expecting a description and analysis of Japan’s military and naval forces and the...
Er because the imperial japanese setup was batshit.
When you have rival services setting up assination attempts junior officers running amock.
A culture where you own troops were treated even worse than pows as soon as america and the UK got their act together it was all over.
Didnt help that apprantly the ancestors of Mod procurment worked for the ija:(
Tank crap rifle crap nambu pistol dangerously crap zero good at the beginning soon seriously outclassed.


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Bryan Perrett also wrote a very accessible book about Allied Armour in Burma :

' Tank tracks to Rangoon'


which I would give 3 Mr Potatoheads*

And the best book I've read on the rise and fall of the Imperial Jaanese Navy, for those with an interest, is

Morning Glory by Stephen Howarth.



* Va fongu ,  Mattel Corporation