Review States Elderly Pay Max of £35,000 For Care Then Go On Benefits

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. "Social care costs in England should be capped so people do not face losing large chunks of their assets, an independent review says.

    Council-funded home help and care home places for the elderly and adults with disabilities are currently offered only to those with under £23,250 of assets.

    The Dilnot report said the threshold should rise to £100,000 and a £35,000 lifetime cap on costs would be "fair"."

    BBC News - Social care costs 'should be capped at £35,000'
  2. You have no assets…
  3. I fail to see why it is not acceptable for the elderly to sell their home to pay if they are moving into a permanent care home. If their relatives wish them to keep their property then their relatives should help pay for the care.
  4. Why not keep it fair.

    Those who have worked hard all of their lives to look after themselves should have their care paid for by the state as a thankyou for not being a drain on it.

    Those who have not worked, committed crimes and generally been a drain on the state should be allowed to die in a pool of their own p1ss.

    Now that to me is fair however I have no doubt that government findings will always be the opposite.

    Only modern Britain could have people who have never worked a day in their alcoholic lives lasting until they're 50+
  5. I look forward to a review of your relatives finances in due course.
  6. I agree, but you'll more than likely find that the relatives are more concerned about their 'inheritance' going down the swanny.
  7. If the government takes this report to heart and legislates - how wil they pay for it?

    And will the elderly (once they have exceeded their £35,000 and the government takes over payment) go into the same quality of nursing home as those who do not have a bean?
  8. A cull of the long term non employed who pay nothing into the system and just take?
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  9. Or asking the perfectly reasonable question, my relative worked all his / her life, paid income tax, paid National Insurance, paid VAT and every other tax. Where has this money gone?
  10. Yes that's a reasonable proposition. However why, once again, is it the people who have tried to look after themselves who get stiffed.
    Have assets? Pay up. Got nothing? The taxpayer will cover your costs.
    (Then again, anyone with assets once they reach 60ish has done it wrong.)
  11. scenario:

    I've held a job all my life, bought a house, got a pension, saved some of my hard earned cash, paid NI contributions, tax etc. Get old, and then have to pay for my health care.

    Whet, a scrounging giro-junkie, bums about all of his life, has no job, saves **** all, contributes **** all, and gets his health care when he's old paid for, as he has no means to pay himself?!

    ****ing do one!
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  12. The same way as not being able to afford to pay for university education, or a decent armed forces . . . . .

    Bailing out the bankers
  13. Don't be a ****ing bell-end all of your life. Do you really think that's where all the cash went? You naive prick.

    Get a ****ing job, you ****.
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  14. Well, tomorrow's taxpayer will have to worry about that. As far as I'm concerned, if you have it, you should keep paying right up until the day that you die. Your relatives (if you actually do intend leaving them're under no obligation to do so) can have what's left. Given that people are living a lot longer than before, when they do eventually die, their offspring tend to be in their 50s & 60s. A good number of them have cut their own path through life successfully and don't need their late parents money. If you don't have it to begin with, then the State should provide.
  15. How the **** am I meant to know?