Review: Research by Philip Kerr

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Review: Research by Philip Kerr


I am the only person of my acquaintance never to have read a book by Philip Kerr; until “Auld Yin” asked me to review his latest novel “Research,” for ARRSE. I now wonder how I failed to notice this good author for so many years. According to Phil Baker in the London Sunday Times, Kerr "has carved out a reputation as Britain's new state-of-the-art thriller writer." In books such as Esau and The Second Angel, Kerr combines sophisticated science with action-driven plots, and...
Good review.

Kerr is first class and  I'll be looking out for this book.

For wot it is worth, "Research" was one of the euphemistic labels used to describe the British Army's activities around the recruitment and handling of HUMINT sources (or Touts, as colleagues of Martie McG would have it, back in the day) in NI late '70s, early 80s.
Recently read Kerr's first two Bernie Gunther novels and rather enjoyed them, so I'll definitely be reading more of his stuff.

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