Review of TV licence fee tactics

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bonzo_Dog, Sep 8, 2008.

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    Cnuts. All of them. Here's my reply to their threat of legal action.

    I think it's about time that the propaganda arm of the Liabour Party should be made to stand on its own two feet. Join the real world and if it can't survive as a business, tough.

    I fear I am turning into Victor Meldrew.
  2. Lying Cnut - I would happily pay the fee to keep most of the BBC's sh1t off of the telly
  3. If BBBC is delivering "good quality programmes" why do so many folk pay Sky to recieve relevant ones?
  4. Not being funny and I think the license fee should be abolished myself but, how was the above delivered? I presume on the BBC channels that everyone pays for? Surely nothing to worry about if you have paid???
  5. Despite being in the middle of a battle over my council tax (b@stards), when it comes to the TV licence my attitute is that Top Gear, Doctor Who and the BBC News website are worth the fee alone.

  6. £3 billion pa - quite some price for 2 hours of programmes each week for half of the year and a crappy website.
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I very rarely watch the 'terrestrial channels' cause there's so much reality TV Sh1te on!!! Who the feck wants to watch Big Brovva 53? Cum Dancing 12.5?
    I fecking dont!!
  9. I have been under all sorts of threats and investigations since i moved to my present address some 4 years ago and routinly receive the sort of threats highlighted in 'Bonzo_Dog' first post however i dont have a TV if they where to either offer a freephone number as opposed to the 0845 40p a minute on my mobile or enclosed a prepaid envelope i would be inclined to inform them i have no TV.

    However we are talking about Capita who i believe still have the threatening and bullying contract that assumes you are guilty of TV licences evasion until proved inoccent.* thanks to Blogg for correcting my error of blame

    british justice at its best, ii am though in two minds as to if the Licence fee is a good or bad thing, i am not however in two minds as to the BBC being run by idiots.

    Edited for corrections but i still dislike serco ... :wink:
  10. Another waste of licence-payer's money to be spent on fnding out how to make it less painful for people to be licence-payers.

    Here's a few other wastes of money:

    Millions spent on a series of compulsory seminars to teach BBC producers to "value" trust and not make up competition results.

    Millions given to independent producers, some with links to those within the BBC involved in commissioning their programmes instead of in-house BBC productions.

    Millions wasted on a Diversity Unit, which provides a 'database' of token ethnics / wheelchair jockeys which all producers are supposed to consult before casting anything.

    Lord knows how much exactly was spent on sending D-G Mark Thompson on a junket to Peking to watch the games with a few of his influential mates. This rather upset those working on programmes about human rights abuses in China that were shelved in case they upset the D-G's delicate 'mission to ingratiate'.

    Millions wasted on shite programmes that are commissioned by middle class cretins who do not understand that the entire world does not shop at Waitrose, or eat sushi, or holiday in Southwold, or Peking.

    If ever there was a better reason to sack the BBC Trust - most of whom know nothing about broadcasting - I have yet to find it.
  11. Thank you msr. I have just completed the survey. I don't think that I have been able to have such an eloquent rant for years. I feel better.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Neither have I. I feel better too.

    I am simply fed up of rude, threatening and abusive junk mail presuming my guilt.

  13. You are dealing with the worst of all possible worlds: BBC and Capita

    TV Licensing" is a trading name used by companies contracted by the BBC to administer the collection of television licence fees and enforcement of the television licensing system.

    The majority of administration is contracted to Capita Business Services Ltd, with cash related payment schemes contracted to Revenues Management Services Ltd.

    Over-the-counter services are contracted to PayPoint Collections Ltd.

    So a brainless outsourced money grabbing machine which has been set "performance targets" for grabbing cash to stuff into the ever open maw of a bloated, useless and mostly unaccountable semi public broadcaster that thinks it is something very special and effortlessly better than any other.

    That will go well then
  14. I recall my father sending a similarly worded letter of complaint to them when they sent a letter to my grandfather threatening prosectution for non payment. The fact that he'd been dead for several months at the time didnt seem to matter.
  15. i too do not watch broadcast tv and haven't for years. after having many threatening letters and speaking several times to them on the phone they stopped writing to me. then six months ago I bought a big tele to use as a computer monitor and to watch dvds and obviously the letters started again. due to the previous harrasment I didn't respond until recently. I just collected the threatening letters with a mind to legal action against them. I am still waiting for the 'instector' to call to prove my innosence. we shall have to see how he behaves.

    edit to add. I can't comment on the ads as I haven't seen them! (really)