Review of the Reserves

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Ssssh! If you listen very carefully:

    all you hear is tumbleweed....
  2. I imagine that Review of the Reserves is being crafted in the office next door to DIS 2.0...

  3. Nothing heard for about 6 weeks here!
  4. I'd heard a rumour on a certain Bde study weekend that the original report had to be rewritten due to missing the point, not that is anything new...
  5. aah snap
  6. However, it would be nice to see something of the content even of the first one that missed the point given the effort that clearly the committee went too, or then again p'haps I'm being overly optimistic that the committee took anything on board from the comments that serving TA personnel made.

    Here's hoping...
  7. I hear it was a MOD Report about a report.

    There are a number of outstanding issues that they want including in the report as well as the reccomendations, and there is abun fight over that

    Interesting thing whispered about mobilisation
  8. Yeah that was pretty close to what we were told, a very lengthy (hundreds of pages) report about further reports that the authors perceived necessary. Oddly I don't think that any consultants were potentially employed to write said report about reports but clearly most of the committee were thinking long term about their careers!

    Anyway, apparently they were by a rather high ranking officer to go away and come back with what he'd originally asked for. A rather spectacular example of not correctly interpreting your 1UP's intent...
  9. out mar/apr. lots of big hand stuff but will only be implemented if the money is there to do so.
  10. I rather thought that reports were intended to do the opposite i.e. save money!

    Can't really see in the current climate that the Treasury will want to permit MOD to spend regardless of the
    fact that Telic/Herrick have effectively backrupted MOD. And given where the TA comes in the pecking order in terms of kit and estate provision...

    However I wait with bemused expectations :)
  11. Expect there will be a number of short quick fire cheap things so that they can justify their existence and the report anything costly don't hold your breath
  12. Given the publicity and the expectations, it's going to be pretty crucial that some of the recommedations are delivered.

    The TA mojo isn't exactly flowing in excessive quanties at present given equipment state, specified taskings, and the delight of JPA & SJARS etc. From Pte to CO, I think that all TA personnel need a bit of a boost particularly after the fisaco of TA100.
  13. Publicity?? Delivering Recommendations??

  14. Well you know, one can hope. It's not as if anyone else as any mojo to hand out, or do you know something I don't?

    Point me to the mojo shop!