Kit Reviews Review of the Meng 1/35th Jeep


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Quick review of this kit for any lads (or lasses) that fancy having a crack at a simple model to have a go with. You'll find the build of it in my Mat thread when I make a start on it.

The Jeep has quite a bit of interesting pre-production history which you will find here if you are interested:

I always quite fancied a 1:1 scale one as they look like a bit of a laugh to bomb around in but I've never got round to taking the passing thought anymore seriously than that. It also pisses down a lot in the UK, which makes me question how much of a laugh one would actually be...... Thinking about it, a 1:1 jeep would be complete waste of money unless you are strange and drive around dressed as a Septic soldier from the 1940s.

Nuff said - lets get onto the kits that are available before I post some piccies and crack on with the review.

This kit is from Meng models. It's a recent release which means the quality is cracking as its been designed and built using state of the art CAD kit. It comes in at between £12-£16 sheets, subject to where you buy it from. Kits from Tamiya and Italeri are roughly the same price, although much older, so you don't quite get the detail you get with the Meng model. There's also a jeep from Revell but it comes with a 6 wheel M34 truck, which makes it a bit more expensive at about 25 £sheets. MiniArt do a Bantum and Bronco models do a British recce jeep kit. I could go on - you want a variant (ambulance, signals, SAS) or whatever and its out there.

You are spoilt for choice with 'after market' add-ons and replacements - everything from an etch bonnet, though to resin wheels. You are quite able to go mental if you want and replace pretty much everything apart from the chassis and the body!

So why buy this particular jeep kit? Very easy answer. The 30 and 50 cal. They are said to be the best castings of these heavy machine guns out there in the market. Again, you can get after-market for these if you want in the form of brass barrels, but the quality of the weapons in this kit is spot on.

Piccies in another post as they are on my phone and I'm writing this intro on my mac and I cant be arrsed to airdrop the piccies as its will take bloody ages.

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Some piccies. First one is the box (cardboard) - not to be confused with ‘box - female, soldier for the use of’


said box with nice box art. I like the old airfix ones as they are iconic.


this is a typical good quality instruction booklet from Meng at which they excel. Whilst the instructions are nice, some of their kits have got challenges with fitting them together. I can’t see this one having such problems as it’s so simple.



quick teaser. Piccies of these in a few posts.




the decals give you a few different unit options, which are illustrated above in the instruction sheet.

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Onto the kit itself


spruces are clean with no obvious pin marks. Assembly should be ‘at Sprocket like speed’ as there are so few bits, which means you should bang a nice build out quickly.


first gun. Whilst this one is nice, I’d probably stick a brass barrel on it.


this is simply stunning.


and the rest of it above.


wheels are split in half so will require assembly. I’ll probably go for after market resin ones for my build.


detail quite nice here and unlike a Land Rover, there is no oil leaking all over the place!


leaf springs are quite nice


and the Decal set. Again good quality.

I’ll slip one bit of after market in as I’ve got it for my build


This was about a tenner. it’s resin


Again good quality if you want to build yours with a canvas on it.

right. That’s it done. Nothing else to see here. I’ll be building this in the Mat thread.


@SPROCKET321 would fabricate a frame from drawn sprue and then use tissue paper soaked in PVA for the canopy!!

Not poking fun here: that tissue/glue technique is well impressive - and so understated. And quite versatile - sails, canopies, tarps, mantlet bags; the lot.

I wish I had the time and patience to put some kits together the way you proper hobbyists do. Last time I stuck my fingers to a wing was in my teens with a 1:72 Phantom. Out of the box, unfiled edges and brush-applied paint!!