Review of the latest "Flashman" and GMF interview

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(David Hemmings, who perhaps not so surprisingly was chosen to portray Captain Nolan in The Charge of the Light Brigade, would have made the best Flashman of all on screen.)
Whilst on TELIC 1(after the exciting bit), I re-read a couple of the Flashman books and Quartered Safe Out Here, and was moved to write a letter to GMF. It's the only fan letter I've ever written, and I was extremely chuffed to receive a prompt typed reply from the man himself which was courteous, complimentary and amusing. A true gentleman.
I fear that Flashman's Abyssinian papers are really just not there. Marks out of ten? Poor five! A novel too far perhaps?

GMF however remains a top man and I had the pleasure of seeing him speak at a Book Festival recently.
I disagree, a welcome return to form after Flashman and the Tiger. Flashy gets caught shagging an Austrian Princess, absconds on a sloop with a fortune in silver dollars, gets inveigled against his will into secret skulduggery, bangs and betrays various damsels and witnesses a perfect expeditionary campaign fought by a bally hero, before being in at the death himself. What more could one ask?
IMHO the latest Flashman books have really gone off the boil. Over elaborate and complex set up leading to sexy wench,tomfoolery near death experience imprisonment by mad native. The End.
At The charge, Great Game, Mountain of Light, Dragon, Lady all absolutely excellent. About time he did the American Civicl War and stopped farting about that is what most people really want to read after so many allusions to it in previous books

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