Review of Defence Infrastructure - Yet another change!!

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Outstanding, Dec 13, 2010.

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  1. It seems to me that just about anytime that DE, or whatever it may have been called in the past, gets to a point at which either it is EITHER actually becoming efficient OR the cracks are realy begining to show; that it is reformed, rebranded, changed and restructured and always to better support the "delivery of infrastructure".

    Now I may well be a little dyed in the wool but seems to me that infrastructure is by and large pretty much fixed in all cases and as such "delivering it" is more than a small challenge. How exactly infrastructure is "de;ivered" is therefore somewhat of a mystery.

    Nevertheless (and in an effort not to derail a very nice gravy train) it was with great joy that I read that we are to have another newer, better and far more streamlined organsiation whose function will be the delivery of infrastructure and (after obviously much thinking) it will be called The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO). It will eseentailly dragr all TLBs and other bits of DE into a single enterprise to "deliver" -- wait for it ......................
    a Fully Serviced Infrastructure (on a Defence Wide Basis- whatever that means).

    Of course lots of other buzzwords, teams, sponsors and very many working and steering groups and committees will carry out this key transitional work that is vital to the joint Defence effort. But perhaps most worryingly is the view that they intend to review how they are to do their work, rather than what kind of service they are going to provide, which seems ever so slightly pissed to me. Bit like planning a route when you don't know how you are getting there - or even where you are going!! Apparently this is "matter of concern for all staff involved" - No Shit Sherlock!! But this only refers to the people within the current organsiation and not the poor buggers who have to suffer from inadequate/malocated and insufficient infrastructure that has simply failed to be delivered.

    Maybe Eddie Stobart can help??
  2. Dunno about Eddie, let me try: Translated into English it means, roughly, that we'll now spend gazillions on some outfit that will count all defence bases and their uses, close half of them "to save money", then find out we haven't enough to accommodate the people/planes/stores/vehicles etc. The head-of-shed will then be elevated to the Lords, the taxpayer will be stiffed with the cost, and nothing else much will change.
  3. Don't try and fool anybody with abbreviations Outstanding; you know, I know and everybody else should know that DIO is actually a substitution code and really should read PSA. The wheels on the bus go round and round and all that.
  4. Remember The Ministry of Public Buildings and Works ??
  5. Very neatly summation. Minds me of the review of the Training Areas they kicked off. Opening paragraph neatly situated the estimate by stating that we had too much, before a single question about what we needed had been asked. Process driven wasters to a man...
  6. Spot On, and is this not exactly what we need more of in these times of economic stretch. A bunch of highly paid but extremely inept guys wandering around for 6 months to come up with a report that Lcpl Green of the Loamshire Regiment to draft in a weekends Guard Duty. (Using a ruler under every sentence of course!)
  7. Sal, wasn't there a delightfully unbiased 'Committee for the Closure of TA Centres' doing the rounds at the end of the 80s...or is my memory completely shot?
  8. Indeed I do. I think that was the last time the job was actually done in something that approached effectively!!!
  9. Anyone have any thoughts on wheel's, outside the box, big sky?

    How many times have we been here?

    “No sooner did we form into teams than we were re-organized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet every situation by re-organizing and what a wonderful method it is for giving the illusion of progress whilst only producing confusion, inefficiency & demoralization” - PETRONIUS AD 66
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Was that when James Hacker MP (soon to be PM) was in charge? (Or at least was allowed to think so by Sir Humphrey Appleby)
  11. At least we are all in this together!!
  12. Scary - more non jobs for hordes of C grade civil servants no doubt. Talking of which, now that Germany is to close why are there still pockets of inept buffoons drawing a wage out there?
    Any journos on here wanting a scoop should get out there and do a quick tally of exactly where our tax money is being wasted.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    They are our Fifth Column just in case we have to go back and take it again one day!! :winkrazz:
  14. Auld-Yin, call me sinecure or should that be sceptical.

    The MOD is going to be transformed, is that changed in shape or character? or changed from 240 volts AC (Aftermath of ConDem) to 12volts DC (Desecrated by ConDem)

    I could think off a few more appropriate less done to death buzz words, instigated by SDSR! that are far more appertaining to what is about to be unleashed on the MOD.

    Transmogrified: changed completely.

    Transmutation: Changed the form or nature.

    Transcendental: Based on intuition rather than experience.

    Transfigured: Changed in appearance.

    If this is truly a moment in history, please will they start using a little more imagination in the clichés, while trying to convince us this is for the best.

    I am sure other combatants can locate a veritable plethora of more appropriate words to describe these events, thrust upon us by our Political masters.

    The fifth column! If we did have to cross the water again, will I am sure be otherwise engaged, on a course (golf) or attending a prior engagement that they are unable to get out off (poetry reading).
  15. This is Sedition, blast you all!!

    Report immediately to the Commissar's office for remedial process-monkey training!

    If, at the end of that, you can agree that to make sure a massive regional contractor does his job, you should pay him to tell you he's doing a good job, instead of visiting site yourself, then you will be promoted to process-chimp and welcomed back into the fold.

    On the other hand, if you think that letting a contractor do his own Quality Assurance creates a conflict of interests and will cause a drop in standards while increasing contract fees, you are clearly a subversive who must be removed from the organisation at once.