Review: Mil-tech Lightweight Smock & Trousers

I’m a big fan of my Arktis smock, and fancied something in a similar design (but slightly less military in looks than my lovely M/84 camo smock) for civilian use both on the range and for field sports activities. Obviously I looked at Arktis’s, or rather their civvy division Country Covers’ own offering, but nice though it was, the £220 price tag put me off slightly.

So, off to the wilds of Internetshire I went, stumbling blindly across the pixel-swept moors, as I searched, and searched in vain for a cheap Arktis-like jacket in olive green. Then suddenly I spotted what seemed to be the answer; the Mil-Tech Lightweight Smock. Cheap as chips, green rather than camo, and absolutely chokka with pockets. On the same site I found matching trousers. Fantastico! The set arrived a few days later at a cost of about 60-65 quid including postage. Not bad I thought!


On taking it out of the box, I noted that it was indeed lightweight, and ripstop too. What else did I note? “Pockets sir, thousands of ‘em”, to misquote slightly. To be perfectly honest, the pockets were the big attraction to me. On the range I always seem to have loads of bits and bobs with me, and it’s nice to be able to keep everything separate and know where everything is.

With this jacket, there is really no shortage of pockets. There are 6 large bellows pockets on the front/sides, two zipped pockets ehind the bellow pockets on the chest, one large external pocket on the lower back, two zipped internal chest pockets, two large poachers pockets on the inside rear, and finally two sleeve pockets; one a normal pen pocket type thing, and one bizarre XL sized field dressing pocket on the other sleeve. What the idea behind this is, I have no idea, but if you feel the need to carry three field dressings or a stuffed owl with you in the field, this is the pocket of your dreams.

One more odd feature of both the jacket and the trousers is the cloth loops that are stitched to them. On the jacket, I can see the idea that they’re designed for: additional camouflage. This however is pretty redundant on a smock for civvy use. On the trousers though there are only four loops, two on the front just below the zipper and one on the inside of each knee. Perhaps not the best locations for camouflage! About the only possible use for these that I can see is if you have an extremely long, thin penis, and like to air it with no danger of it flapping about. If you do, these are the trousers that you want.


The trousers have also got pockets (thank God, or I wouldn’t know what to do with my hands!); two normal trouser pockets with the useful addition of zippers (no more losing your keys!), two bellows thigh pockets, and one smaller flapped patch pocket on the bum.

Another useful feature of both the jacket and the trousers is that they have cordura reinforcing on the elbows/knees, and removable foam padding behind these. Great if you’re doing a lot of prone shooting, especially if you’re lying in gravel or hard surfaces.

Yet another feature that’s worth mentioning is the fact that the jacket has armpit zips, so you can let some air in if you are overheating! There’s also a zippered access to inside the jacket under the flap covering the main front zip. Handy if you need to get something from a pocket on a mid layer for example.

The trousers feature drawstring cuffs, as well as Arktis style zips on the lower legs, so they can be loosened and removed without taking your boots off. I haven’t tried this yet myself, so I’ll reserve judgement, but I can imagine that this could be a very useful feature for all you ‘doggers’ out there.

The proof the pudding is as always the eating, or in this case, the wearing. Out of the box they fit well, and were comfortable enough, which is always a plus. They seem pretty windproof, and have been fine in light rain. However when doing a bit of walked up shooting in a rather damp fir plantation, my legs were absolutely soaked. As they are lightweight non-waterproof trousers I suppose it was to be expected, and they did dry out again in short order so I shouldn’t complain.

I used a couple of cans of waterproofing spray on the set afterwards though, and am hoping that it will improve performance slightly.

All in all, not bad for the price, but I’m not expecting them to last forever and I think that I’ll buy a better quality set next time.

I bought mine here: '

Smock light weight oliv -

Command pants light weight oliv -
My none jean trousers of choice are Mil-Tec. I would class them as the most hard wearing of trousers but for the price point they really can't be beaten

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