Review: Manchester In The Great War By Joseph O'Neill


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Review: Manchester In The Great War By Joseph O'Neill


This book is one of several short publications on cities throughout the country concentrating on life for the folk left at home when their loved ones had answered the call and volunteered to fight for King and Country.

As we know there is a vast amount of books on the subject of the Great War and there has been a great number of programs on the TV this year acknowledging the centenary of the start of this tragic episode in our history. This book is different however. As the title illustrates...
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Thanks for the review and heads up. I grew up with these men and women so I'm looking forward to reading the book.

Just one thing forget communal toilets and no running water in the house in 1918, try 1967 in our house in Manchester.

Shoe box, pha! luxury.











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